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There's certain questions that we see hear frequently at Doodle Bag regarding our bags and printing methods. So here's our answers to the top 5 questions that we get asked. If you have a questions regarding our product and what we do, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

What is Fairtrade cotton?

The Fairtrade certification is given to a product when the supply chain involved in the processes of making the cotton has been verified as paying a stable price for their products. This ensures that cotton farmers receive a fair price for their goods. By buying a Fairtrade certified product you have the assurance that the workers involved in the process are paid a fair wage and the farmers are paid a legitimate price.

At Doodle Bag we stock a Fairtrade Certified cotton tote bag that can be personalised with your own photos, logos, or create your own design using our ready to go images!

What is organic cotton?

Organic Cotton is cotton that has been cultivated without the use of any chemicals including pesticides or fertilisers. It also is free from any genetic modification. This means it has a significantly lower carbon footprint, but demands a higher price because it is more difficult to successfully grow in large quantities, and is more scarce than non-organic cotton.

Here is Doodle Bag's range of GOTS Organic products.

What is a tote bag?

Tote bag is a broad term for a bag that is generally used when referring to a bag that has two handles and doesn't have a fastening. The word tote, which means "To carry" dates back to the 17th century, and word was popularised in the 1960's when tote bags emerged as a practical fashion accessory due to their flexibility and lower value than traditional handbags. At Doodle Bag, we generally refer to a tote bag as a lightweight bag in a portrait shape, but technically speaking all of our products are tote bags.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a very broad term that refers to any kind of printing that involves applying a print using digital equipment directly onto an end product. Common implementations of this include inkjet and transfer printing. This kind of print allows for photographic prints and an almost unlimited colour range. Unlike traditional print methods such as screen printing, digital printing doesn't require the replacement of any physical print plates and therefore usually has a quicker turnaround time between individual print jobs. This is the print technique that we use here at Doodle Bag.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer bulk discounts over all orders with more than 1 unit of the same product, and the bulk discount will increase as the unit quantity increases. We also do offer at different times of year, so if you are interested in keeping up to date with these sign up to our newsletter to receive updates and also some exclusive offers.

Do your products have washing/care instructions?

As our bags are untreated 100% natural cotton we do not recommend washing them as it could cause shrinkage. If you need to clean your bag, it is best to hand wash in cool water or sponge down the affected area. We do have a blog explaining different ways to clean your tote bag here.

How can I print my photo on a bag?

Our design tool allows you to upload images from your device, or insert from your Instagram or Facebook account. Just click Start Designing, choose your product, then click Add Image.

Can I add my own text and change the font?

Absolutely, just hit "add text" and then type your message. You will then be able to change the font, re-size and re-colour. There's also options for pattern fills. Be sure to play around with the tool to get a sense of it's full potential.

If you don't see a font you like, get in touch and we can add new fonts from the Google Font Library.

Can I make a repeat order?

Visit the My Orders page, where you will see a list of all your previous orders with us. Then select the order you would like to repeat, and click "View Customised Product". Your previous design will then load, where you can either edit it, or check out again if you would like to keep it the same.

What are your delivery costs?

We offer standard delivery to the UK for free.

For international or non-standard shipping i.e. tracked or next day, there is a charge that will be calculated at checkout after you enter your shipping address.

What if I don’t like my product once I’ve received it?

We cannot accept returns of personalised and custom-designed products unless the item itself is inherently faulty. Unprinted/plain products can be returned within 30 days. Please get in touch or read our terms and conditions for more information.

For our full list of commonly asked questions visit our FAQs page

If you want to read more information about our company's privacy policy and terms & conditions click here

10 Reasons Why Tote Bags Are Awesome!

Here at Doodle bag we are firm believers that cotton tote bags are simply the best way of carrying your stuff, and their increased popularity further proves that our eco-friendly sidekicks are a super handy accessory. Here's our top 10 reasons why we think everyone should have a tote bag on hand at all times.

1. An Ethical Choice

We believe in supporting the people that make our products. Our bags are made in Fairtrade Certified factories which means that the employees involved in the construction of the bags are paid a living wage and are not subject to bad working conditions or any form of harassment. If you want to find out more about our ethics, read our ethical promise. What’s more, cotton manufacturing is a process that is not easily automated unlike plastic manufacturing. So by buying a cotton tote bag you are supporting human labour and a local industry.

2. Express Yourself

There is no limit to the amount of customisation you can do to a tote bag. Upload or create any design with us and create a product that you will cherish and reuse, rather than disregard and forget about. Expressing yourself through an accessory like a tote bag is a great conversation starter, and a fashionable item that is practical for every day use.

3. Durability

We’ve all been in that situation where we’re carrying 4 plastic bags full of shopping when a sharp item pierces the bag, causing your weekly shop to hit the pavement. Fortunately those days are gone as the demise of the plastic bag means consumers are switching to more eco-friendly options. Unlike plastic bags, cotton based bags will not split and rip and will serve you faithfully week after week. Keeping one in a handbag, backpack or in the boot of your car is no problem, and the positive shift in people’s perception towards single-use plastic waste has seen a mini revolution in the supermarkets.

4. They Look Cool!

Not only can you carry your stuff safe and secure with a tote bag, but you don’t have to worry about damaging your reputation or garnering raised eyebrows because you are frequenting an establishment where plastic bags may be frowned upon. Cotton and canvas bags are a simple, classy solution to an age-old problem of practically carrying things without compromise.

5. Reusable

A plastic bag will fail you after a few uses, and most likely it will be thrown away and sent to a landfill where it will pollute the earth for years after. Doesn’t seem worth it does it? That’s where a tote bag comes in. A cotton tote will be your faithful assistant for years and will not fall apart week one.

6. Plastic Bags Are A Thing Of The Past

Since the introduction of plastic bag levies around the world, plastic bag use has fallen sharply and the global population embraced a new way of thinking, and a new attitude towards plastic waste. Supermarkets no longer hand out cruddy plastic bags willy-nilly and the population understands environmental challenges we face and what we need to do to solve them.

7. Ease Of Use

Whether you use a tote bag as a go-to carrier, or if it’s a backup to a larger bag, the usability of the cotton tote is second to none. Using it as a primary bag can carry everything you will need for a single day out, and will fit in a pocket if no longer needed. If you’re like myself you have a tote bag ready to go in a backpack at any time, allowing you to double your capacity in a pinch. A backpack plus a tote bag can carry shopping for 2 people for an entire week, without the need to drive to the supermarket every time.

8. Save You In The Long Run

I’m no mathematician, but I reckon buying a single tote bag and using it for a couple of months will easily be cheaper than handing over 10p’s every time you go shopping. Retailers and individuals will sell a tote bag for as low as a few pounds and buying your own personalised Doodle Bag will be more cost effective in the long run.

9. Support The People You Love

Tote bags are one of the top merchandising items used by artists and creative types, and what better way to support them by buying a cool piece of merch. Doodle Bag is a great platform for small business owners to buy bags in small quantities and some of our favourite creators keep coming back to us to fulfil small orders so they can supply merchandise to their fans.

10. A Sustainable Choice

Is it too much to ask for a shopping bag that doesn’t kill the planet? We say no way! Using cotton based bags instead of plastic is a much more sustainable choice, made from a renewable crop and in an ethical factory. If you’re looking for a super sustainable choice we also stock a range of Fairtrade Certified and Organic Certified bags.

Doodle Bag Product Showcase - Our Top 5 Favourites For Summer

With summer in full swing here in the UK and we’re all making the most of the lovely weather, with days out to the beach, walks in the countryside, and just about every outdoor activity imaginable. To accompany us on our journey of sunshine celebration, here’s our top 5 suggestions for bags to keep with you as a practical and stylish accessory throughout the summer season.

Supersize canvas bag

Nothing says beach bag like our Supersize Canvas Bag. Most of us seem to visit the beach with an abundance of brightly coloured towels, windbreakers, swimming gear and refreshments, and we need a large bag that can take care of all of this. Our supersize shopper fits the bill perfectly. As the same suggests, its bumper size is capable of carrying about as much as you can manage, and due to its sturdy heavyweight canvas construction, it’s durable enough to handle the task. This beach tote also super easy to fill up and throw in the boot of the car, and it’s off to the beach we go!

a plain cotton tote bag

Cotton Tote Bag

Yes it’s the most classical style in our shop, but it’s also the most popular and most merchandised bag available. The versatility of this bag is undeniable, and the it can be seen worn on the streets as some of the most fashionable bags around. Ideal for a cool piece of artwork, the simple cotton tote bag will serve you well as a daily bag throughout the summer months.

a plain Drawstring Backpack on a white background

Drawstring Backpack

Probably one of the most practical object transporting accessories you can buy; our drawstring backpack is an outdoor activity ready bag that can safely store the gear you need for an adventure or as a kit bag for sports clothing. This backpack works well as a second in command to a full backpack, to store the items you need at access instantly, and when you don’t need it, it’s scrunch-able to a tiny footprint ready for the next time you need it.

white fairtrade and organic apron on a white background

Canvas Apron

Where there’s sun, there’s barbeques. Where there’s Barbeques, there’s a grill master. Grill masters need aprons, and we stock customisable aprons that can be personalised however you like them. You could use an image of their meat of choice, or emboss with their formal title, so everyone knows who’s the boss of the grill. Our canvas aprons are made from a sturdy heavyweight canvas and we stock aprons in natural or white, and remember, there’s free delivery on everything!

Landscape Pocket Jute on a white background

Large Jute Bag

If barbeques are not your thing, picnics probably are, and our Large Jute bag is a lovely solution for a summer picnic. This is our go-to picnic hamper, as its biodegradable lining keeps your perishables safe, and the rustic styling of the jute bag will not look out of place next to the blanket, punnet of strawberries and bottle of bubbly.

Find it in our store here

Personalised Tote Bags For Every Occasion

At Doodle Bag we've made it easy to create a personalised tote bag, no matter what the season. Our design tool is super easy to use but still packs loads of functionality to help you create a unique and beautiful personalised bag. There's a variety of ways you can personalise your cotton bag, with no limit to the amount of elements you can add to your design. Many of our customers have a design ready, and simply upload it straight to the design tool. This is a great way to get a short print run of tote bags in a pinch. Others enjoy the process of designing from scratch, and our bag designer allows your inspiration to run wild. We recommend browsing through our design tool and explore all the features available.

You can order more than 200 bags at our sister company BIDBI 

How to get started

Add your own image to your bag design. There's a variety of ways you can get your favourite images onto your bag. Upload from your device, whether it's a mobile, tablet or desktop, or login to your Facebook or Instagram account to scroll through your albums. Upon loading you can resize and rotate to your liking.

Creating text for your personalised bag couldn't be easier. Just type your message, then select one of our lovely fonts adjust the layout. You can also choose any colour using a hex code to match your branding.

The Design Library houses all of our 'ready to go' images. We've got thousands of images in here, suitable for all occasions. There's no limit to the amount you can add to your design.

Manage Layers allows you to move certain elements above or below others, and lock certain parts of the design. This gives you better control of your design.

Don't forget to add a design to the second side if you want one! There's no extra charge for printing on the second side of the bag.

The price breakdown tables show the discounts available for buying more than 1 bag. The more you buy, the more you save.

Some products have colour variations available, choose your colour before checking out.

a row of tables with wedding decorations on them

Personalised Wedding Favour Bags

Couples-to-be love using our drawstring pouches as wedding favour bags. We've got a selection of sizes of these cute little bags available, so pick a size depending on what you plan to put in them. These drawstring pouches come with a rope tie at the top to keep little gifts secure, and with printing available you can add whatever you like to match the theme of your big day. They make for a simple and elegant solution that guests will love on your big day.

a group of women in pyjamas partying

Personalised Hen Party Bags

Get your bags for the girls sorted with Doodle Bag. We've made it super easy by creating some designs for you that just need your personalisation adding. Just enter your name, select a quantity, and check out! Don't forget, you can create your own hen party bags from scratch if you like, why not add a picture of the bride or groom with a special message?

a Christmas tree in the foreground with a ornate church in the back

Personalised Christmas Bags

We have a whole category dedicated to Christmas in our design library, and there's many beautiful images there ready to be used. Create a Christmas design from scratch with a personalised message for your loved ones or a special greeting. Christmas themed tote bags make great stocking fillers, or can be used instead of a stocking to hold presents. We recommend our super shopper bag. Why? Because it can hold loads of presents and it's extra large size means a big print area too. A personalised shopper bag stuffed with present will surely make someone's Christmas unforgettable.

a plate with a rose and an envelop with a heart icon on it

Personalised Valentines Bags

One of the most important gifting events of the year, and the one event where personalisation is of the upmost importance. Creating a unique gift for your loved one will show just how much you care, and we recommend a personalised zip purse as either a gift, or to be used to package a set of gifts. We've got dedicated design categories for love & romance, and many options to add your special message. We even have a gift wrapping service available if you would like us to do all the leg work for you.

a wrapped present with confetti around it

Personalised Birthday Bags

Party bags are a great addition to any celebration, and we've got the perfect solution. Our mini cotton tote bag is the ideal size for a eco friendly gift bag, and with discounted prices for ordering more, you can get one for each guest. This bag is also popular for kids parties too, we've recently added kids party designs to our design library to help you on your way.

grass with various sports equipment lying on it

Personalised Sports Bags

If you need a personalised bag for each member of our sports team or club, we've got it covered. Our drawstring backpack is the environmentally conscious alternative to plastic based sports bags and is equipped with comfy cotton rope drawsting pulls. Simply decorate with your logo and add the name of team or school.

We've been hard at work creating our new website so that Doodle Bag is packed full of features. Our aim is to create the ultimate bag designing experience that's fun and easy to use. We've put together a list of 8 things you may not know Doodle bag can do.

Fancy Text

As well as being able to choose any colour for your custom text, we also have patterns available. Simply click on the "Patterns" tab next to "Colour" and choose one of our colourful textures.

Image Upload

Want your face on a bag!? We’ve made it super easy to upload your own photos. Just use the ‘add image’ tool to either upload from your computer, or login with Facebook or Instagram and select a picture from your profile. Why not create a collage of you favourite pics? We also have advanced image editing options available. Just hit the button and you will then be able to crop photos, add filters, and adjust an images brightness and contrast.

More Text Options!

There’s loads of options available to create a unique piece of text including transparency, alignment and outlines. Make it exactly how you want it.

Bulk Discounts

Be sure to check out the bulk discounts available for ordering higher quantities. There’s massive savings to be had for ordering 2, 10, 25, 50 and 100 units. We also offer free shipping for mainland UK addresses!

Ready Made Images

We have hundreds of ready made images, illustrations and symbols that can be combined and created. Browse our library of beautiful images and insert onto your product, then place, resize and rotate to your hearts content. Expert Tip: Some images can be recoloured. If you see the swatch box in the image’s menu, you can customise the colours to anything you like!

Keep Control

Keep control of your design by using the ‘Manage Layers’ tool. Here you can lock individual items and adjust the order in which they appear on the final design. You can also easily re-colour images within the layers menu.

Blank Bags Fast

If you just need some blank products, then view our unprinted range and checkout. It’s that simple. There’s no minimum order quantity either.

My Account

Keep track of all your Doodle bag orders with our Account Management page. Here you can view the status of your order, re-order if you would like the same again, and edit your addresses, details and payment methods. If you need any further help then just get in touch with us for a fast and friendly response.