Bags For Your Fashion Brand

Whether you’ve got your own fashion brand or work for a larger fashion brand, reusable cotton bags are a great addition to any store, online or brick and mortar. Cotton tote bags are versatile, cost effective, on-trend and environmentally friendly. Choosing the right cotton bag can seem daunting but if you’re faced with this task, take a look below and see how printed cotton bags can offer an excellent addition to any event, store, or competition.

Not only is a promotional bag a great marketing tool to raise brand awareness, it can also help you spread the word about campaigns, sales, events, store openings and everything in between. A creative design printed on to the tote bag can work really well if you’re trying to build a buzz for any marketing campaign.

What Cotton Bag is Best for You

If you’re looking for a way to extend your clothing range into accessory’s, such as a range of monogrammed tote bags, or to offer an entry level product if you’re premium label, tote bags are an all-round solution.

When choosing a tote bag for your fashion brand, it is important to take some things into consideration; Budget, Style and end use. If you’re selling the bag in your online store or boutique, and you have a certain style in mind then a bespoke made product is going to suit your needs. If you already have a collection and need to provide an entry level product to your customers then a made to measure product where you can choose everything from the size, fabric, finishing and more is perfect for your requirements.

Tote bags at store openings prove very popular with customers and mean you get brand exposure in the city where the new store has opened. What’s a better way of marketing than letting your possible customers know that the brand is already trusted. Your strategically placed logo or design on a personalised canvas tote bag will draw the attention of passersby when the recipient uses your branded tote bag to go to the shopping centre, park or somewhere else. Fill the bags with a look book or discount voucher to give them ideas for future outfits and then an incentive for them to return to the shop and purchase more items.

Cotton tote bags also make a great POS bag, if you want to grab your customers attention at the till point, print with an eye-catching design that not only represents your brand but takes into consideration this seasons trends and colours. Reusable cotton bags also offer a great alternative to a carrier bag and priced correctly can be an upsell on the 10p plastic bag. These lower RRP tote bags will exude all the personality of your brand and become an additional marketing tool.

Tote bags are not simply souvenirs; they are powerful branding tools. Offering a cotton tote bag as a gift with purchase is a surefire way to increase brand loyalty. Thanking your customers for being customers will ensure they return to your boutique or online store again and again. To ensure your customers know they’re special gift a premium quality cotton bag in a heavier weight cotton. Not only will it make your customers love you brand even more, they’ll be much more likely to rave about you to their friends and wider circle.

PR Events are definitely the time and the place for you to rave about your brand, and there’s no better way to do this than giving a luxury goody bag out. Not only fill the bag with items your attendees will love and use but give them a bag that they’ll reuse again and again. Foil effects and metallic ink are a great way to add a premium look to any cotton tote bag and paired with the lunch bag or zip purse which are both ideal for fashion brands mean your attendees will take away not only great memories but a great product too. If you know the names of all your attendees why not personalise the bag with each initial? Initial tote bags are a great personal touch especially when being given as a gift bag.

The Design

An eye-catching design is important when developing your bags. An attractive tote bag design that turn heads to actually make an impact on your brand awareness. Exhibiting your logo in a large printable area can be a highly effective way to showcase your brand to hundreds of people in your target market.

Think about your brand when designing your artwork. Think about the seasons colours and trends but also make sure the design represents your brand and will look attractive to your customers. It might be appropriate to change your logo slightly in order to make it suit a printed cotton tote bag. A bold logo will stand out and catch people’s attentions.

Unlike the environmentally harmful plastic bags, branded tote bags are eco-friendly. Not only contributing your grain of sand to the planet wellness will show your respect for the environment, you will also build customer trust.


Cotton tote bags come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colours. Printed with your design they are sure to provide an excellent marketing tool or lucrative investment for your fashion brand. The number of choices available can seem daunting but with the correct research and thoughtfulness a range of printed cotton bags will not only add to your collection, they can enhance a PR event or provide customers with a gift that will reinforce brand loyalty. Read our article on how Doodle Bag can help your business for more information.

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