We love making bags for independent artists and designers. Cotton tote bags make the perfect canvas to display your art if you are an artist or designer looking for a way to expand your range. Our bags come in a range of styles and to suit all price points so you can have a little bit of everything in your range, giving your customers a wider range of choice. It’s easy to upload your artwork into our design tool and make any changes you need to get it perfect.

Which Cotton Bag?

Which cotton bag you choose very much depends on your customer base, your budget and the price point you want to sell your bags for. If you’re an independent artist or designer and are looking for ways to expand your current offering or extend your marketing, cotton tote bags provide the best solution.

Expand Your Brand

Putting your artwork onto a tote bag provides a way to expand your range or as a first foray into putting your art onto products to sell at fairs, online and wholesale to retailers. Printed bags also offer a great way to market your brand over and over again. When they get worn, 100s of other people will see your artwork where ever they travel.

If you have an online ecommerce store, printed merchandise is a vital income stream for independent artists and designers. It is an easy way to translate your designs onto items that are useful to consumers, tea towels, mugs, aprons, t-shirts, bags, are all products that look great printed with full colour designs. Making any of these products limited edition will add an extra incentive for fans to purchase and letting them know there is only a certain number that have been printed will create a buzz is a great promotional opportunity.

If you attend art fairs and other shows to sell your products bags make a perfect addition to sell or to giveaway as a goodie bag as an added incentive if they spend over a certain amount. The bags will also offer an extra marketing opportunity whilst at the show with attendees walking around with your bags for other attendees to see.

Finishing Touches

Bags are also a great way to practice your printing skills. If you have the capability to print your own bags in house, buying unprinted tote bags is cost effective and leaves you with the room to print however many designs you want. And don’t forget finishing the bags, swing tickets, badges and gift wrap are all ways to give a nice finishing touch to your tote bag.

Choosing the right tote bag is dependent on a few different factors; your budget, your customer base, your artwork. You can also fit your artwork around a certain bag style, for example, how about putting a food themed design or slogan on the small shopper bag which makes a superb lunch bag, or a beauty design on to the toiletry bag, its big enough to fit makeup and brushes comfortably. Depending on your budget, some bags will be more suitable than others, so it is important to bear this in mind when selecting the right bag for you. Taking your customer base and brand into consideration is also important when selecting the right cotton bag. If you can command a higher price and your customers won’t be turned off then focus on more premium feel canvas bags. Your artwork can also have an impact on what bag you choose. The lightweight cotton bags have a tighter weave and smoother surface so if your artwork is very detailed and includes a lot of fine lines and small text, the 5oz range of cotton bags will work best.

Generally, other independent artists and designers start with an entry level bag and then graduate onto other products once they have carved out a market share and understand what they’re customers want. But that’s not to say limit yourself, if you know your artwork is more suited to maybe the drawstring bags, or that your customers have already asked for your designs to be printed on to a zip purse then you’ve got a great starting point and already know it’ll be a hit!

As you can see there are different factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are choosing a bag. It may seem like a minefield but by looking at all your options, doing the right research, and understanding the different bag styles adding cotton tote bags, zip purses or drawstring bags to your printed range will prove a welcome addition.