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10 Best Vegan Recipes

Posted By DEV on February 13, 2018

10 Best Vegan Recipes

We’ve got a couple of vegans here at Doodle Bag which has inspired us to put together a list of our favourite tried and tested recipes, from Breakfast, lunch/dinner to dessert, they’ll be something to suit even the pickiest of taste buds.


pancake on a plate with bananas ontop

1. Vegan Pancakes

With pancake day just around the corner, here's the perfect pancake recipe so you don't have to miss out on the fun.

Our verdict: Fluffy and thick. These pancakes are super easy to make and taste delicious. If you want them a little lighter just adjust the amount of liquid in them in order to get a thinner batter. If you want them to be less sweet just omit the sugar from the recipe completely. Top with the classics, lemon and sugar or be adventurous and top with a savoury delight of wilted spinach, leeks and mushrooms.

a glass bowl of hash and peas

2. Pea & Potato Hash

Liven up breakfast with this healthy weekend alternative of black eyed pea & sweet potato hash. Serve with toast and get all your friends round for brunch.

a white bowl of Braised Chickpeas

3. Braised Chickpeas

A warming hearty meal that will satisfy even the biggest of appetites. These braised chickpeas are one of our favourites, a one pot delight, served with a baked sweet potato and coriander garnish. If you want to make it a little lighter, substitute some of the coconut milk with water.


a glass jar of pesto with a knife sticking out of it

4. Pesto

A lighter healthier take on traditional Pesto, this Pistou pairs perfectly with whole-wheat spaghetti and garlic fried greens and mushrooms. Just replace the parmesan with vegan parmesan for a fully vegan alternative. You can also use as a sandwich spread or a dip for crudit

a pot of Daal on an intricate table cloth

5. Daal

You can’t go wrong with Daal, perfect as a side or served with chapatti’s, its a one bowl wonder. Don’t let the different types of lentils overwhelm you. This simple Tarka Daal recipe is a good place to start if you’re new to lentils. This particular recipe calls for garam masala, I’m not a big fan of it but if you can get a good quality one it does make a difference depending on how strong you want the flavour. You don’t want to rush the onion stage, the most important part of Indian cooking is getting the base right. Undercooked onions are a big no no, as are uncooked spices.

a couple of bowls of Miso Aubergines on an wooden table

6. Miso Aubergines

Aubergines are a fan favourite for vegans, their meaty like texture means they’re great for adding substance to a meal. These miso aubergines has the addition of honey to add a sweet flavour to the otherwise salty sauce. Serve with stir fried greens and sticky jasmine rice for a dinner party worthy meal.

a plate of Moussaka and potatos

7. Moussaka

A moussaka from scratch can seem daunting but this vegan recipe, although with many stages, is not complicated. And what you’re left with is a wonderfully fragrant dish

a cut away of shepherds pie  showing its tasty insides

8. Shepherd's Pie

A classic meal, shepherd’s pie is a favourite with everyone. Add some Henderson’s relish to give this recipe a little more depth of flavour, and sprinkle nutritional yeast on the top to give a cheesy crust. Serve with simple steamed broccoli and red wine.


Salted Caramel Tarts glistening in the light

9. Salted Caramel Tarts

If you’ve got a dinner party these Salted Caramel Tarts are sure to impress. If you don’t like caramel, just take it out and replace with more chocolate!

Lemon Drizzle cut into squares toped with a slice of Lemmon

10. Lemon Drizzle

I don’t have the patience to make desserts but this lemon drizzle is so easy and turned out so great. I substituted the plain water for fizzy water and the results were delicious. Even better than a non vegan lemon drizzle!