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Lemons in a no waste bag

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste

Posted By Christina on August 28, 2019

At Doodle Bag we’re committed to making a difference. One way to make a massive impact is to reduce your waste. Here are 10 easy ways you can reduce your waste.

  1. Cook with Canned food

    - Using canned food like tomatoes, vegetables and beans is a good alternative to fresh produce if you’re not sure you’ll use all your produce before it goes off. Doing this means you can avoid food wastage. Also tin cans are recyclable, reducing your throw away waste.

  2. Using bar soap

    - What if I were to tell you that there is an eco-friendly alternative to shower gel that lasts at least 1 month, has little to no plastic waste and costs a fraction of the price? Interested? Well let me introduce the bar of soap. It is a great way to reduce waste, more often than not comes in paper or card packaging which is recyclable. A lot of the time is made from high quality natural ingredients and comes in at a much lower price point.

  3. Avoid unnecessary packaging

    – At this point we’re all aware of unnecessary packaging and how sometimes it can be impossible to avoid. That said, if you are planning to make a trip by the deli counter at your local supermarket, many supermarkets will let you bring your own Tupperware and containers. Also ditch the plastic bags for loose fruit and veg and opt for a cotton bag that you can reuse time and time again.
    a woman bagging Lemons in a no waste bag in an outdoor market

  4. What to do with leftovers?

    – Leftovers are an easy one, if you have a furry friend in the house (& the food is safe for them) it’s unlikely they’ll complain at having some of your leftovers. If not, it’s a quick lunch for the next day, easy, just don’t throw it away!

  5. Compost

    – Things like fruit and vegetable peels, tea bags, egg shells and flowers decompose in compost. You can use this in your garden. Alternatively if you don’t have your own garden, many people who do or have allotments would be grateful for additions to help theirs.

  6. Cutlery and crockery at buffets

    – Buffets are a haven for all things disposable; plates, cutlery, cups and the food. If you host a buffet, encourage guests to bring their own plates, glasses and knives and forks. You could also suggest that attendees bring their own containers for leftover food after the event finishes to reduce waste further.

  7. Buy cheap buy twice

    – If we’re being honest, some things just aren’t built to last. Fast fashion is designed around making things cheap and low quality that last a few months before breaking. Sometimes it is worth saving up a little more and waiting to buy something that will last much longer to avoid it breaking. Maybe a more classic design that will be more fashionable for longer. This also applies to things like furniture, if you buy well, these things can last a long time.

  8. Use the Freezer

    – If you are someone who lives alone or in a smaller family the freezer should be your best friend! When food comes in larger packs it can be difficult to eat everything before it goes off. Freezing things like chopped vegetables or bread, is a great way to not have to throw away and you can often cook them from frozen, making it a practical solution too.

    RPET SHOPPPER bag in  CLOUD CREAM on a white background

  9. Reusable bags

    – This is one we at Doodle Bag are passionate about (obviously) but getting a reusable bag is so easy. And with the 5p/10p bag tax in the UK it will save you money in the long run. Reusable bags come in all shapes and sizes for any use. Personalise with your photos, favourite quotes and designs, for a fashion forward yet waste free accessory.

  10. Charity Shop donations

    – When you have finished with a top or a book or a children’s toy, what would you do with it? If throwing it away entered your head, then I urge you to rethink. Charity shopping is a great way to re-purpose old items. It will give your old possessions a new lease of life and you will be helping to raise money for charity too.