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5 Amazing Sustainable Apps

Posted By DEV on August 26, 2020

Most people are doing their best to try and be more sustainable in one way or another, and there are lots of apps you can download onto your phone which can help you be more sustainable in your everyday life.

Here’s our list of the 5 best apps to guide you on your way to sustainable living.

too good to go

  1. Too Good To Go

    Too Good To Go, is an amazing cause that is helping in the fight against food waste. According to their website globally we waste 3.5 million tonnes of food which is about 1/3 of all food produced. It is a waste of food, but it is also a waste of resources used to grow and manufacture/produce that food. Too Good To Go aims to stop food waste from restaurants, delis, cafes, and other food outlets by allowing these businesses a platform to giveaway leftover food at the end of the day to avoid it going to waste. You cannot choose what you get but you will receive a free meal and businesses do not have to waste food that they have worked hard to produce to landfill. Win, win.

    OIP 1 1

  1. Forest

    When we think about sustainability, we often forget that something should be sustainable for ourselves, we need to do things to make ourselves happier and healthier. Forest is an app that actually keeps you off your phone! If you need an incentive to stay off your phone. Maybe you are at work, trying to study, or are out with friends and need to resist temptation, Forest is a great app. When you want to start your break from your phone, a tree will start to grow and will not finish growing until the time is up. If you look at your phone and close the app the tree will die. You can grow your own little forest with all the trees you have grown!
    On top of this Forest partners with Trees for the Future to help plant real trees which is an amazing cause for reforestation.

    R 2

  2. City Mapper

    City Mapper is a public travel app, showing live public transport updates, best routes, and helpful tips for getting around in some of the world’s biggest cities. Whilst not being a sustainably focused app necessarily, it does have some fun features that will encourage you to live a more sustainable life. Not only is City Mapper a public transport app but you can also add your walking route within your city as you would with any other map app. But what you might not get with other maps is a screen showing you how many trees you have saved, how many calories burnt (and their equivalent in food) and how much money you have saved by walking. By showing the difference you have made, and then adding them all up to show your total savings it is a great motivator to get your walking shoes on!

    Good on you

  3. Good On You

    Good On You is a great app to check the sustainability of the fashion brands you use. They have a unique rating system where they rate the sustainability of companies’ effect on people, the planet, and animals. They use the brands’ own reporting, independent assessments, certifications, and accreditations to find out this information. The app is great you search the brand you love, and you will find a rating system and information about brands you buy from. They also have access to special offers on high rated brands which is a nice little bonus too!

    R 3

  4. Bike sharing apps

    I’m not going to recommend a specific bike sharing app because most cities have their own bike sharing system, government run or privately owned. But regardless they are all great! Bike sharing apps are ideal when you are in the city because it means if you need to get somewhere slightly out of walking distance or in a hurry you can just grab a bike and leave it at a station close to where your destination, no need for a taxi or getting stuck in traffic. They mean you do not have to plan ahead, if you need to get somewhere you can, no pollution, no parking, just find a bike, and get some exercise in. Sustainable and healthy.