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Best Blogs of 2020

Posted By Christina on December 18, 2020

This year we have posted some great blogs at Doodle Bag. But encase you've missed out, we have done a quick round up of our top 10 favourites

  1. Facts about Fairtrade

    To celebrate Fairtrade fortnight 2020 we created a list of 10 fact about Fairtrade that you may not have known

  2. Throwaway culture

    With initiatives from the media, businesses, and government to reduce waste, why is it that we are producing more than ever? Our blog on throwaway culture sheds some light on why.

  3. The best printed bags to showcase your artwork

    This is a blog for those who are really wanting to use bags and printed products as a way to best showcase your artwork.

  4. How to get your printed tote bags ready for retail

    If you are prepping to sell your bags, here are some tips about how to get them perfect and ready for retail.

  5. Eco tourism

    Despite tourism taking a bit of a stand still this year. We created a blog to look forward at planning vacations and tourism in the most sustainable way.

  6. Small steps to a more sustainable life

    Living sustainably isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes small lifestyle changes that gradually build up. Here are some of those small easy steps you can take.

  7. 5 ways to personalise your wedding

    Your wedding is your big day. Here are some ways to make it even more personal to you.

  8. Why single-use plastic is bad

    By now we should all know that single-use plastic is bad. But here are 5 reasons that should really solidify why it is something we should be actively avoiding.

  9. Reasons to avoid fast fashion

    The fast fashion industry is growing. And it’s easy to see why. Everything you could ever want is at your fingertips. This blog explains the darker side of the fast fashion industry and may make you think twice before adding to your basket.

  10. How to clean your tote

    Your tote bag is starting to show its age, your pen leaked, you spilt some coffee on it, it hasn’t been treated very nicely…don’t worry, this blog will explain how to get your tote looking brand new again.

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