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Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Cotton

Posted By DEV on November 6, 2017

Two whole years of marriage! Can you believe how fast the time has flown by? This time two years ago you were gearing up for your wedding day, butterflies in your stomach and the buzz of friends and relatives waiting to congratulate you both on your special union. We have come up with several second anniversary gift ideas for the perfect romantic gift to give your loved one.

Now things have moved on; you are used to each other and have understood certain habits that perhaps took you by surprise in the first few months as newlyweds. The right side of the bed has been established, who is in charge of the cleaning and cooking has been allocated and you know which bottle of wine to buy to keep everyone happy. So, time to celebrate! Committed believed exercise extension

Your second wedding anniversary is coming up and in keeping with tradition, the wedding anniversary gift you give to one another should be made of cotton. As one of the oldest naturally occurring materials, cotton dates back to 3000 BC and has been an indispensable material mostly because of its versatility and durability.

As a soft, natural material cotton is also incredibly strong and has been used as a valuable fibre for thousands of years. Cotton is grown worldwide, and the elegant, unassuming buds can be made into fibres that are used for clothing, textiles, paper and plenty more making it an ideal gift for your 2nd anniversary.

As your budding relationship develops you will find yourselves needing to be both strong for one another and able to adapt to each other’s different needs. Just like cotton. Cotton grows naturally and its incredible adaptability makes it just the right gift to give in the second year of your marriage. Cotton symbolises the growth and development of your relationship while being strong and compliant – essential qualities for a loving relationship.

We have come up with a few ideas at The Wedding Secret so that you can give your loved one the perfect cotton wedding anniversary gift and celebrate both the exciting two years together as well as giving a gift that – thanks to its composition – will last you for years to come; a lovely memory of your first two years as newlyweds.

A Personalised Tapestry

So you have spent the last two years building up your lives together; maybe you are decorating your house, adding new furniture and gradually beginning to settle down in somewhere you can call home. A personalised tapestry will make a lovely gift for the two of you to share. As an item you can hang on the wall and take with you wherever you go, a tapestry or framed picture is a lovely idea for an intimate gift relating to both of you.

These cross-stitched charts from Holly’s Hobbies are a lovely idea for a gift that you can design with whatever theme you like. Add your names, your wedding date and a pattern or image that represents you and you have the perfect wall hanging symbolising your relationship. They can become a wall hanging, framed picture or even something to add to your pillow.

Cotton Candles

How about a romantic evening in? Run a bath and pop open that obligatory bottle of bubbly and cheers to making it two years into your marriage. To really create the perfect mood, you will need the perfect lighting and what better than some delicious smelling candles for the ideal romantic evening. Nothing says romance better than a bottle of fizz and the flickering taper of a luxury candle.

For a subtle and delicate fragrance that will leave your house smelling fresh and enticing, these candles from Shearer are the perfect second wedding anniversary gift that won’t break the bank. Always good, especially if you are saving for a house or even the patter of tiny feet. Giving off a glorious Egyptian Cotton scent, these candles will make your home feel warm and welcoming; such a subtle but lovely extra can make a huge difference.

Personalised Cushions

As you create your home together, you will find yourselves wanting to make it as inviting as possible. We believe cushions are the perfect way to make a cosy nest so you can snuggle up on the sofa together in complete comfort. Why not decorate your bed with pillows and cushions making it irresistible to leap onto every time you go in the room?

We are loving these quirky creations made by Silly Cushions. You can design the cushion yourself adding your desired colour and creating the words you want. If you have a specific saying or phrase that is intimate to you or you would just like to write ‘I Love You’, then a cute cushion could be just the trick.

How about combining your names together for albeit a cheesy but quirky ‘portmanteau cushion’ to symbolise your relationship?

Cotton Pyjamas

One of the nicest things about your second year of marriage is feeling comfortable around each other. Sometimes all you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa in your pyjamas and read a book or watch the TV so what better present for your second anniversary than some cotton pyjamas that not only look pretty but feel 100% delicious.

These gorgeous pyjamas from Cottonreal are beautiful and not only that, they are incredibly comfy. Made from 100% cotton with satin trim, these are the perfect cotton anniversary gift for your loved one and believe us you will not be able to take your hands off them (the pyjamas that is) once you get a feel for how soft and cosy they are.

Cotton Robes

Much like pyjamas, robes are another lovely item that are a ‘must-have’ in any household and a brilliant option for your second wedding anniversary gift ideas. Snuggling up with a comfy cotton dressing gown that is both lightweight and warm is the perfect item of clothing for a Sunday lie-in.

For the man of the house, we think that Tom, Dick and Harry have it sorted with one of these luxury cotton robes made from – of course – 100% cotton. With the lovely, navy satin stripe, you will feel both smart and snug in this handsome wedding gift.

Equally, for the women, nothing says cotton anniversary better than a cotton kimono from Susannah Cotton Gowns. It is a gift that will leave your partner feeling elegant, warm and beautiful as they glide graciously around the house. Bliss.


So, you’ve heard the expression ‘as snug as a bug in a rug’, well how about ‘as snug as a bug in a hammock’? OK, so it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it but trust us when we say you will never want to get out of one of these once you get in.

As something you can both share, a hammock is a lovely addition to your garden – or even your house if you have the space. It has to be said, there is something wonderful about lying under a canopy of stars while snuggled up together in one of the comfiest and we ought to mention prettiest, hammocks around.

For the eco warriors among you, these hammocks from the gorgeous stylists Amara, are ethically made and make the perfect gift to while the hours away. Relax in the luxury of your own space with a book, music or just with one another. They are even family size so when the time comes there can be room for more than two.

Cotton Candy

Ok, so in the UK we call it candy floss but it is the same thing and we have no issues borrowing an Americanism for one of our second wedding anniversary gift ideas. A candy floss maker could not be a bad idea for those of you with a sweet tooth. Otherwise, why not do something a little different for your anniversary celebrations and go to the fair?

It makes a great day out with tonnes to do and huge amounts of fun. Hey, you are only two years into your marriage. There’s plenty of time for serious things in the years to come but sharing some cotton candy and getting a bit sticky while enjoying a fairground ride is certainly a lovely idea for an anniversary day out.

Cotton Bags

Cotton bags have taken off recently, you have probably seen them in almost every shop and why not? They are a brilliantly economical way of carrying shopping or anything else for that matter and guess what, they can even be personalised.

Doodle bag have created the perfect cotton tote bag for you to personalise. Add a picture of each other, a meaningful phrase or your own design and this bag can be a personal little touch for your perfect cotton anniversary gift. The bags will be the perfect accessory for a trip to the shops or a stroll around the park with your water bottle and maybe even a picnic inside. Create your own personalised wedding favour with Doodle Bag.

Cotton Books

Have we gone mad? Books are not made from cotton! Well, in fact they are, or at least some of them are. Cotton paper has been in production for hundreds of years and is also used in book binding so for those of you with an affinity to a paper back, a cotton bound book could be the perfect gift.

So, if you want to continue in the same vein as your first anniversary but with a little twist, we think a cotton paper book is the ideal second wedding anniversary gift. Khadi Papers create brilliant log books that are ideal for sketchers, artists and those who love to jot down a few intimate thoughts in a charming note book. Ideal to pop in your bag, this lovely gift idea is made with great care and pride in countries around the world.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Scientifically speaking, sleep is one of the most important things we can do to help our bodies regenerate and stay healthy. The less sleep you have, the grouchier you will be with one another and the worse you will feel. As much as we would all love to get more sleep than we do, it is important that our bed is as comfy and as enticing as it could possibly be so that when you do finally snuggle up together after a long day, you are in comfort heaven.

We have found the perfect Egyptian cotton sheets to guarantee an incredible sleep. These Graziano Hem Stitch sheets are the perfect gift for your cotton wedding anniversary. As luxury bedding items, they are the ideal gift for a blissful night’s sleep that you can both benefit from; the only issue is that you genuinely won’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

So there you have it, a few simple ideas for your perfect cotton wedding anniversary gift. We hope you enjoy snuggling in your new night robes or getting cosy in a gorgeous cotton hammock and most of all enjoy celebrating two years with the love of your life. Here’s to plenty more years to come.

Taken from The Wedding Secret.

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