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Printed Bags for Independent Artists & Designers

5 reasons why you should sell tote bags if you are an independent artist

  1. If you want to expand your range to include other products

Printed tote bags, aprons, tea towels, cushion covers, and make up bags all make fantastic products to display your artwork. They will be seen as practical yet stylish items by your customers and can be sold as gift sets, homeware sets, and bundles.

  1. If you are starting out and want to monetise your artwork

It is an easy way to translate your designs onto items that are useful to consumers, tea towels, mugs, aprons, t-shirts, bags, are all products that look great printed with full colour designs. Making any of these products limited edition will add an extra incentive for fans to purchase and letting them know there is only a certain number that have been printed will create a buzz and is a great promotional opportunity.

  1. If you want to Increase brand loyalty by offering a gift with purchase

Offering a complimentary item when your customers spend over a certain amount is a great way to increase brand loyalty.

If you attend art fairs and other shows to sell your products, bags make a perfect addition to sell or to giveaway as a goodie bag as an added incentive if they spend over a certain amount. The printed bags will also offer an extra marketing opportunity whilst at the show with attendees walking around with your bags for other attendees to see.

  1. If you want to increase brand awareness

Printed bags also offer a great way to market your brand over and over again. When they get worn, 100s of other people will see your artwork, in different towns and cities. It’s brand exposure on the ultimate scale.

  1. If you want to increase your reach and potential customer base

There are people out there who may not buy your prints but may be interested in buying bags, tea towels or notebooks with your art on. Getting your designs printed on other products is a way to increase your customer base and therefore increase your reach, to people who would not have seen your artwork otherwise.

5 things to look out for when choosing the right bag/product.

Which cotton bag you choose very much depends on your customer base, your budget and the price point you want to sell your bags for.

  1. What do you want your bags to do?

Are the bags for an event, for a Christmas fair, to sell in your online store, or maybe for a charity collaboration? If they are to giveaway at an event or for a promotion, then the premium quality bags which are more costly would not be the best choice. However, if you are selling as part of your Christmas collection, premium quality products would fit well.

  1. What’s your budget?

Depending on your budget, some bags will be more suitable than others, so it is important to set your budget out at the start of your project and to bear this in mind when selecting which products you want.

  1. What design are you getting printed on it?

Your artwork can also have an impact on what bag you choose. The lightweight cotton bags have a tighter weave and smoother surface so if your artwork is very detailed and includes a lot of fine lines and small text, the 5oz range of cotton bags will work best.

You can also fit your artwork around a certain bag style, for example, how about putting a food themed design or slogan on the small shopper bag which can be sold as a lunch bag, or a beauty design on to the toiletry bag, its big enough to fit makeup and brushes comfortably.

  1. What do your customers want?

Taking your customer base and brand into consideration is also important when selecting the right cotton bag. It’s important to know your consumer, their likes, dislikes and amount they usually spend. If you can command a higher price and your customers won’t be turned off, then a focus on more premium products will work well, however if your customers are price conscious then products which command a lower RRP will be more successful.

  1. Do you want any finishes?

Don’t forget finishing your products. Getting them ready for retail by adding swing tickets, badges and gift wrap can give a nice finishing touch to your products. Who doesn’t love pretty packaging!

There are different factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are choosing a bag. It may seem like a minefield but by looking at all your options, doing the right research, and understanding the different bag styles, then adding cotton tote bagszip purses or drawstring bags to your printed range will prove a welcome addition.

Generally, other independent artists and designers start with an entry level bag and then graduate onto other products once they have carved out a market share and understand what they’re customers want. But that’s not to say limit yourself, if you know your artwork is more suited to maybe the drawstring bags, or that your customers have already asked for your designs to be printed on to a zip purse then you’ve got a great starting point and already know it’ll be a hit!

If you’re an independent artist or designer and are looking for ways to expand your current offering or extend your marketing, have a look at our cotton tote bags, make-up bags, and other products.

The 5th of November marks ‘Bonfire Night’ also known as ‘Guy Fawkes night. On this night, people across the nation celebrate the foiled Gunpowder plot in 1605 where Guy Fawkes and his group of provincial English Catholics attempted to assassinate King James I, by blowing up the Houses of Parliament using 36 barrels of gunpowder.

This event is celebrated by lighting bonfires, letting off fireworks, and burning the effigies of Guy Fawkes. It’s one of the most exciting times of the year when family and friends get together to enjoy the crackling bonfires and firework exhibitions whilst enjoying some traditional bonfire sweets such as caramel apples.  

Unfortunately, Bonfire night has been criticised on countless occasions due to its detrimental impact on the environment. Even the big UK supermarket, Sainsbury’s has stopped selling fireworks due to the negative effect on the environment.

One thing to keep in mind this bonfire night is how can you make it more environmentally friendly. In this blog, we’ve put together some tips for a more sustainable Bonfire Night.  

pexels peter fazekas bonfire
Photo by Peter Fazekas:

How to have a greener bonfire night  

1) Try eco-fireworks or eco-sparklers

Traditional fireworks are not eco-friendly as they are made up of charcoal and sulphur fuel, a perchlorate oxidiser to help with burning, with additions of binders, colourants and propellants. Fireworks, especially on bonfire night can cause extensive air pollution in a short amount of time, leaving metal particles, dangerous toxins, harmful chemicals and smoke in the air for hours and days. Some of the toxins never fully biodegrade or disintegrate.

Eco-friendly fireworks are readily available on the market and are perfect for bonfire night. Using nitrogen-based fuel they produce less pollution in the atmosphere, whilst ensuring your display goes off with a traditional bang! Although, please keep in mind that eco-friendly fireworks can be hard to find and can be expensive due to the lack of technology.

More sustainable alternatives include:

You could even opt for sparklers instead, so long as you handle and dispose of them safely. Dunk the finished sparklers in a bucket of cold water or sand, then pop them in general waste when completely cool.

pexels jonas von werne fireworks
Photo by Jonas Von Werne from Pexels:

2) Use only clean, dry and natural materials for your bonfire   

When lighting a Bonfire in your garden, it is easy to be unaware of what material you burn.

Many use Bonfire night as an opportunity for disposing of household waste, unaware of the toxic fumes it emits which can pollute our environment and can be hazardous to our health. For this reason, it is illegal in the UK to burn most types of waste, especially things like plastic, rubber, accelerants and aerosols. You could potentially face a fine of up to £50,000 for illegally managing waste.

If you do plan on burning a bonfire this year, be sure to select clean items, non-commercial waste, and only small amounts of untreated wood, paper, leaves, and cardboard. To reduce the amount of smoke the bonfire creates, try burning only clean, dry and natural materials. Likewise, you can use dry waste and garden waste you can also try to make small changes by using leaves instead of fire starters.

Furthermore, avoid buying any man-made wood as they generally contain plastics, oils or chemicals to keep them looking nice. Hence, burning these plastics and chemicals is not great for the environment. Don’t forget at the end of the night, to douse the fire with water or soil instead of leaving it to switch off on its own, as this allows smoke and chemicals to hang in the air.

3) Avoid lanterns, as their wireframes can harm wildlife and livestock 

It is generally believed that paper lanterns are a great green alternative to fireworks. In reality, paper lanterns use heat like a hot air balloon to stay in the sky consisting of a paper-covered wire or bamboo frame. Even though these do not produce a lot of toxic chemicals in our atmosphere, they do cause an abundance of litter. To be more specific, lanterns are rarely picked up when they hit the ground, they are usually just left to be admired in the staring skies. Therefore, the wires found in the lanterns can trap and harm animals.

The RSPCA states even ‘biodegradable’ paper lanterns are not safe to use because materials like bamboo are used instead of wire but can take decades to degrade, and there’s still a fire risk.

pexels lacey day 625789
Photo by Lacey Day:

4) Animal Awareness  

Bonfire Night may provide fun for millions across the nation, but the animal community tends to be less than thrilled. Each year, countless numbers of small mammals like hedgehogs and even pets take shelter in pyres (mistaking them for nests), only to be trapped when the flames rise. 

This can be avoided by thoroughly checking your bonfire location and fireworks before you light them up. Moreover, it is prudent to create a barrier around the site with harmless wire to make it harder for them to access the area.  

5) Attend a public firework display or bonfire

Speaking previously of animal welfare, fireworks on bonfire night UK can be particularly stressful for pets and livestock, who become frightened and upset by the unfamiliar disturbances. Attending organised displays will consolidate the disturbances to fewer areas.

Furthermore, to minimize the community's negative impact on the environment on bonfire night it is suggested to attend communal bonfires or public firework displays. Ask Alexa “Where is the nearest bonfire to me? “.

pexels rachel claire 4997798
Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels


So there you have it, Doodle Bag’s top tips for enjoying a more sustainable Bonfire Night. It may not be the most environmentally-friendly celebration on the calendar, but by paying a little closer attention and making some smarter choices, you can minimise your impact on the planet. Don’t forget to stay safe and have fun!

Need personalised goody bags for your Bonfire night celebrations? Then, look no further. Doodle Bag explore our large range of eco-friendly textile products including tote bags, drawstring bags, aprons and many more which can be personalised with your logo or design.

Can you believe it? We are approaching the end of the academic year. A whole year of classes is nearly complete. It seems like just yesterday when we sent our children to school, with an uneasiness about what this year would entail. We’ve made it through, and it is nearly over!  

If you are looking for end of year teacher gifts that are fun, inspirational, and ethical then look no further. We have compiled a glorious list of the best teacher gifts and product ideas that your teacher will just love. Now is the time to show them how much you appreciate them. 

The Perfect Summer Accessory  

We can safely say that a teacher’s best friend is their bag… something durable yet fashionable to carry all their teaching essentials. For this reason, it must be spacious enough to store books, stationery, and emergency coffee supplies all in one place.  

If you buy a bag, go for an eco-friendly, ethically sourced bag. As this guarantees the bag will be used and used again. Here at Doodle Bag, we offer a myriad of textile products, which can be personalised with the teacher’s name or your child’s personal message for the teacher. No matter how big or small when something is personalised it can make a huge impact. So why not make that leap with a customised gift.  

Let’s take a deeper dive into how you can personalise our tote bags, cushions, and pencil cases.  

Personalised tote bag  

Add a personal touch with an eco-friendly cotton tote bag. This is both a practical and thoughtful gift, not only will this be great for the classroom but for the teacher's travels too. You could add a joke, name, image, quote or anything you desire to show your appreciation for your teacher. When we personalise gifts we add an extra touch, of gratitude which shows that you care.  You can even try personalising our large premium jute bag, which safely fits in a laptop as well.  

woman holding bag with the word "worlds best teacher"

Personalised cushion  

Add your design or print on a cushion. Perfect as a display piece or back support for your teacher. Not only is this 100% sustainable cushion practical but it looks great too. It can be a decoration piece in the home or an added piece to the sofa. Doodle Bag offers Fairtrade & GOTS organic cushion covers, both rectangle and square shape which are perfect for all the eco-conscious teachers out there.   

Fairtrade-and-Organic-Rectangle-Cushion-Cover with the words "your design here"

Personalised pencil case

Create a teacher survival kit, with a personised design on one of our pencil cases. Add a few craft/stationery supplies which will complement the pencil case. If you are not feeling stationary add something sweet or savoury, it can be a surprise. Our canvas cotton pencil cases are the ideal size for carrying stationary, makeup, cards and money.

Design your own eco-friendly 100% natural pencil case today.

pencil case


Whether it's the end of a term or the end of the school year it's always nice to show your appreciation for your teacher and our range of thank you gifts for teachers let you do exactly that. 

Have you found this blog useful in deciding what end of year thank you teacher gift you would like to give? We hope you make sustainable decisions, where personalisation is not compromised.  


Start designing here 


To check out any products mentioned in the blog and more follow the link here.


Now that the festive season is fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping for friends and family. Why not make gift-giving more personal, thoughtful, and less stressful! Here you will find a carefully curated selection of the best-personalised gifts and packaging for everyone on your holiday shopping list.  

Christmas Email Banner

Drawstring packaging 

A drawstring bag is the perfect eco-friendly gift packaging alternative. Our drawstring bags are available in three different sizes; small, medium and large either printed or unprinted. With our cotton drawstring bags, you can have a handful of custom-designed and printed drawstring bags to fill in with the most exquisite Christmas gifts for friends and family. For instance, you can use the smaller sized drawstring bag for jewellery and the larger bag for clothes, perfumes, homeware etc.  So say goodbye to wasteful wrapping this Christmas.  


drawstring bag christmaschristmas personalised drawstring bag

Zip purses 

Zip purses can be great gifts for storing anything really from pet toys to beauty and travel toiletries. Our zip purses can make beautiful Christmas gifts and can become extra personalised by embellishing them with the recipient's name.  Moreover, this zip purse functions as the perfect makeup bag, pencil case, favour bag, sewing kit, the list is endless. This versatile zip purse is made from heavyweight cotton canvas material that gives a premium feel and the nickel-free YKK zip is guaranteed to never fail.  Just a quick reminder, at Doodle Bag there are no minimum order quantities and you can get your bags the next day if you’re in a rush. All our bags are made from 100% natural cotton. 


Fairtrade-and-Organic-Toiletry-Bag_OliveJute Bags  


The most festive way to embellish and personalise this year’s gift is to buy a high-quality jute bag, which is our most popular bag for the Christmas period. There are two options available here. You can either give the personalised and eco-friendly jute bag as a gift itself or you can use it to put other gifts. Moreover, it is available in small, medium, or large, and in various colourways such as Christmas Green and Red. Likewise, our jute bags make the perfect Christmas hamper, where you can add large heavyweight products like wines. To be specific, our medium jute bag can carry 6 bottles of wine. All our jute bags can be personalised with a happy holiday wish, a cute message, a logo even, an image, to make the perfect Christmas gift.  

jute bag hamper


Christmas Stockings or Sacks  

Christmas stockings or sacks make one of the best, heartwarming, and jolly Christmas traditions. This year, you can gift your loved ones an eco-friendly and reusable stocking or sack which has plenty of space to fit any gift. Additionally, our Christmas stockings and sacks can be fully personalised with your loved one's names, nicknames or photos. Get them a lovely festive gift that they can use forever.   

personalised Christmas Christmas sack personalised


Kitchen gift set 

At Doodle Bag you can create the perfect Christmas kitchen gift set by personalising a tea towel and an apron. Both of our tea towels and aprons are available in natural and white and are made with 100% ethically sourced cotton. Regarding our high-quality aprons, they come with an adjustable neck strap and tie waistband, making them very comfortable to wear. Make the most festive gift with shiny designs, text, maybe even a recipe or your dad’s nickname. A thoughtful personalised gift that any culinary enthusiast would be happy to see under the Christmas tree. 

christmas apron

Browse our large product range of sustainable and reusable gifts and hamper bags here 


Happy Holidays!  

Due to multiple lockdowns over the past few yearssmall businesses across the world have faced many struggles and challengesChristmas is the biggest spending holiday of the year and what better way to spend your money than to use it to support small businesses! Our guide will help you find beautiful gifts for your loved ones and give you some tips on how to help out small businesses this holiday season. 

Support Small UK

Shop Local  

Now that there are no lockdown restrictions, you can explore all the small businesses both new and old around your area. From buying fresh doughnuts from your local bakery to buying small gifts for Christmas stockings; check out if there are any local craft fairs in the area, they will be chock-full of independent business owners selling everything from jams and chutneys to jewellery and art. You’ll be surprised at the quality of the items on offer and how much money you can save too! 

Shop Online  

Nowadays most small businesses have an online store on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram or even their very own website, which you can browse and purchase products.  This year, it seems more small businesses than ever are either launching or gaining popularity which is so wonderful to see. Another helpful tip is to search on Instagram for the hashtags; handmade, small business or shop small on social media to discover some hidden gems for Christmas gifts this year! 

Buy gift cards  

Gift cards are a great way to support a small business. Buying one to give as a gift means you will be getting more of your friends and family to shop from small businesses. This is a great idea for your local boutiques, go-to restaurants, gift shops and pet shops etc. Likewise, many small businesses are now offering the option to purchase gift cards online, saving you the trip to the store. They’re also perfect for those last-minute gifts too! 

Leave a positive review online 

This one is completely free, takes only a couple of minutes, and can be done from anywhere you are. Small businesses rely heavily on positive reviews as they are one of the best ways customers gain trust with businesses before they decide to buy their products. Share a kind note about your experience with a local business and get that feel-good vibe. Various platforms are perfect for leaving reviews such as Yelp, Google, or Facebook etc. Don't forget to add a picture with your review, as you’ll be adding more value and trustworthiness! 

Show your support on social media and share away!  

Generally, small businesses don’t have marketing budgets to promote their shops, therefore by sharing their latest tweets, Facebook posts or Instagram photos, you’ll help them to get their business out there. Another way to help small businesses for free is by showing them some love on their latest social media posts, by liking and commenting as well. Correspondingly, virtual word of mouth on social media is very effective and can drive traffic to online stores, and business owners will appreciate the extra help. So start advocating for your favourite small business by being their number one fan on social media.  


We hope you consider implementing a few of these ideas to help support your community’s small businesses this holiday season. Choosing to support a small business really does make a difference — to the local community, the economy, and of course to the business owner. 

Happy Small-Business Shopping!  

There's certain questions that we see hear frequently at Doodle Bag regarding our bags and printing methods. So here's our answers to the top 5 questions that we get asked. If you have a questions regarding our product and what we do, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

What is Fairtrade cotton?

The Fairtrade certification is given to a product when the supply chain involved in the processes of making the cotton has been verified as paying a stable price for their products. This ensures that cotton farmers receive a fair price for their goods. By buying a Fairtrade certified product you have the assurance that the workers involved in the process are paid a fair wage and the farmers are paid a legitimate price.

At Doodle Bag we stock a Fairtrade Certified cotton tote bag that can be personalised with your own photos, logos, or create your own design using our ready to go images!

What is organic cotton?

Organic Cotton is cotton that has been cultivated without the use of any chemicals including pesticides or fertilisers. It also is free from any genetic modification. This means it has a significantly lower carbon footprint, but demands a higher price because it is more difficult to successfully grow in large quantities, and is more scarce than non-organic cotton.

Here is Doodle Bag's range of GOTS Organic products.

What is a tote bag?

Tote bag is a broad term for a bag that is generally used when referring to a bag that has two handles and doesn't have a fastening. The word tote, which means "To carry" dates back to the 17th century, and word was popularised in the 1960's when tote bags emerged as a practical fashion accessory due to their flexibility and lower value than traditional handbags. At Doodle Bag, we generally refer to a tote bag as a lightweight bag in a portrait shape, but technically speaking all of our products are tote bags.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a very broad term that refers to any kind of printing that involves applying a print using digital equipment directly onto an end product. Common implementations of this include inkjet and transfer printing. This kind of print allows for photographic prints and an almost unlimited colour range. Unlike traditional print methods such as screen printing, digital printing doesn't require the replacement of any physical print plates and therefore usually has a quicker turnaround time between individual print jobs. This is the print technique that we use here at Doodle Bag.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer bulk discounts over all orders with more than 1 unit of the same product, and the bulk discount will increase as the unit quantity increases. We also do offer at different times of year, so if you are interested in keeping up to date with these sign up to our newsletter to receive updates and also some exclusive offers.

Do your products have washing/care instructions?

As our bags are untreated 100% natural cotton we do not recommend washing them as it could cause shrinkage. If you need to clean your bag, it is best to hand wash in cool water or sponge down the affected area. We do have a blog explaining different ways to clean your tote bag here.

How can I print my photo on a bag?

Our design tool allows you to upload images from your device, or insert from your Instagram or Facebook account. Just click Start Designing, choose your product, then click Add Image.

Can I add my own text and change the font?

Absolutely, just hit "add text" and then type your message. You will then be able to change the font, re-size and re-colour. There's also options for pattern fills. Be sure to play around with the tool to get a sense of it's full potential.

If you don't see a font you like, get in touch and we can add new fonts from the Google Font Library.

Can I make a repeat order?

Visit the My Orders page, where you will see a list of all your previous orders with us. Then select the order you would like to repeat, and click "View Customised Product". Your previous design will then load, where you can either edit it, or check out again if you would like to keep it the same.

What are your delivery costs?

We offer standard delivery to the UK for free.

For international or non-standard shipping i.e. tracked or next day, there is a charge that will be calculated at checkout after you enter your shipping address.

What if I don’t like my product once I’ve received it?

We cannot accept returns of personalised and custom-designed products unless the item itself is inherently faulty. Unprinted/plain products can be returned within 30 days. Please get in touch or read our terms and conditions for more information.

For our full list of commonly asked questions visit our FAQs page

If you want to read more information about our company's privacy policy and terms & conditions click here

You have had your gorgeous new cotton tote bag for a few weeks, and it’s due for a bit of a wash. But how should you wash your tote bag to ensure it maintains its shape and most importantly in a way that keeps the print you love as bright and bold as possible?

Read on to find out how you can wash your cotton tote bag.

Spot Clean

If you have a stain on your tote bag, the easiest way to clean it is just with a spot clean, if you have a stain removing spray, just follow the directions on the bottle. If you don’t have a stain remover, great alternatives are baking soda mixed with a little warm water to create a paste which you can apply, leave for a little while and scrub off. Alternatively soak the affected area in solution of wine vinegar and warm water for a few hours and then rinse with fresh water.

Hand wash

If your whole bag needs a bit of a wash then we advise handwashing your bag, use your regular washing powder and lukewarm water to wash your tote bag. Gentle scrub your bag and try to avoid the print if possible as this can affect the colour and print if you scrub too hard!

Machine wash

Machine washing is not recommended because the wash and spin cycle can cause shrinkage and alter the colour and quality of your print. If you want to machine wash, we suggest putting your bag on a cool low spin cycle. By doing this you should maintain the size and print but do expect a slight distortion.

Wipe clean

If you’re cleaning a recent mark a simple wipe clean with hot water and soap will do the trick. For some of our bags like a Jute bag a wipe clean is the only suitable method of cleaning as with other methods they may lose their stiff structure and become floppy!


Steaming your cotton bag is a great alternative to washing. Steaming will remove any creases, will clean long term discolouration, and may help to remove stubborn stains from your tote bag. By adding some essential oil or scented antibacterial liquid to your steamer you can also remove any unwanted smells.

Doodle Bag is a cotton bag printing company, here we talk about bags and cotton all day every day. It occurred to us that sometimes we use lingo that might need an explanation. We’ve written a blog with some printing definitions for some of our most used terms below to give you some clarity.


MOQ stands for Minimum order quantity, this is the smallest number of units you must order for a business to accept your order. Doodle Bag doesn’t have an MOQ meaning you can order as little as one bag.

Fabric Weight

The weight of a fabric is done by weighing a square metre (measured in grams, labelled GSM ) or square yard (measured in ounces labelled Oz) of that fabric. Doodle Bag measures its cotton in oz per yard². This means if a bag is made from 8oz cotton it means that 1-yard² of that cotton would weigh 8oz.

When cotton is described as lightweight it is typically 6oz or under. Midweight would be 7oz-9oz, and heavyweight would describe cotton 10oz and above.


If a product is Fairtrade it means that it has been made with Fairtrade certified cotton and that all farmers and factories throughout the process operate in accordance to Fairtrade regulations. This includes, paying a Fair wage to workers, eliminating exploitation of workers and children, and giving premiums to farmers to better their communities. Visit the Fairtrade website for more information, fairtrade

Lead Time

Lead time refers to the time it takes to get your bags ready for delivery from when payment is made. Doodle Bag lead time is 1-3 working days from payment then you must account for delivery time on top of that. In exceptional circumstances where lead time may be longer such as the Christmas period. We will highlight the additional time on our website, or contact you via email.


If one of our bags says it is organic, it means it is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means that no pesticides or unnatural fertilisers were used while growing the cotton to make the bags. It also means that throughout the cotton processing, bag making process, and printing no harmful chemicals, or dyes were used. Also no toxic material is emitted in the water source. For more information about GOTS organic and what it means, visit their website global standard

Bulk pricing

Bulk pricing refers to the discount received after buying over a certain number of units of the same product. Here at Doodle Bag, bulk pricing is offered when buying 2 or more of the same product. So if you buy 2 shopper bags you would get a bulk discount, however if you were to buy one shopper bag and one apron you would not receive the bulk discount as they are different products.  The more products you order the large the discount, so if you have a big order to fulfil don’t worry. 

Online design tool

When we refer to the online design tool or online designer in our blog, articles, and on the website, we mean this:

It is how you add your design, images, and text, to your bag ready for us to print.

Blank Space

Blank space on a print is the space which is not printed on and the colour of the bag will show through. With Doodle Bag any design that has white on it will become blank space. So, if your design or picture has a white background, it will be omitted from the print and the bag will show through. If you really want the white on your design, opt for a white bag.


Cotton canvas versus cotton is related to the weight of the cotton, as mentioned above cotton is measured by weight. So, cotton is referred to as a canvas it means it is a midweight cotton or 8oz and above.

Print area

The print area of a bag is the area of a bag that can be printed on. Outside of that area it is not possible to print a design. On Doodle Bag’s design tool we help you out by having a box where you can add your text or design which represents the print area so nothing will go outside that box and get cut off your finished bag.

100% natural cotton

It means just that! Cotton is a plant which means it is a natural product. However sometimes cotton can go through unnatural and harmful processes from being a crop to becoming the final product. The cotton in a natural bag or product is 100% natural, no unnatural processing such as bleaching or dyeing with harmful dyes.

More information on designing your own bag here

Doodle Bag works with lots of people far and wide. We work with individuals who want a bag for a gift or want a fashionable accessory, we work with businesses who want branded merchandise for events or corporate gifts.

We also work with a lot of people who are planning weddings!

From wedding planners to maid of honour to the brides, we have printed lots of bags for weddings and receptions. In this blog I am going to give you some examples of what Doodle Bag has done for weddings and maybe give you some inspiration about how you can use cotton bags in a wedding you are planning!

  1. Hen Do party bags

    Even before the wedding happens there are celebrations all around. Including the highly anticipated hen do! A great way to get your bridal party in the hen do spirit is with a bag full of goodies for the night or even few nights ahead. Mini bottles of wine, party poppers, fun hats, sashes, t-shirts, the lot.

    A nice way to present your gift bags to your ‘hens’ is with a personalised gift bag, a cotton bag is ideal for this as it won’t rip so it’s a great place to store, phones, purses and whatever everyone brings with them. Personalise with the date, name of the bride and a funny picture of the bride.

  1. Tea Towel Invites

    A growing trend we have seen recently is wedding invites you can keep. One of the ways you can give someone a special keepsake invite is printing your invitation on a tea towel.

    A tea towel save the date is a great invitation because the large print area means there is more than enough space for all the important information (and maybe some room left for a nice picture), and it is something that people will keep on using, meaning they definitely won’t forget the date!

  1. Wedding Favour Bags

    Wedding favours are probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cotton bags are weddings. A cotton drawstring bag is perfect for storing the little presents for guests.

    Whether it be sweets, candles or a small token, we have drawstring bags of all sizes which are perfect for personalised wedding favours, with the names of the happy couple and the date and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous keepsake for your guests.

  1. Bridesmaid Gift Bag

    Bridesmaids really do gods work, dealing with pre-wedding emotions, fittings and organisation as well as on the day helping out the bride to no end and ensuring that the happy couple are blissfully unaware of anything issues that may be going on during their special day. So, you may want to say thank you with a little bridesmaid gift on or after the wedding day.

    Using a cotton tote as a bridesmaid goodie bag is a great way to add a special touch to the gift, a photo of you and the bridesmaid, or their name and a little message, something that they can use in the future is a fab way to present your gift.

  1. Activity bags for Children

    If you are inviting children to you wedding it could be a worry to you or their parents about keeping them occupied during proceedings. One way to resolve this issue is with a goodie bag for kids specifically for the little ones.

    A small tote with crayons and colouring book or some bubbles, some fun activity to keep them busy so everyone can chill a little bit. Order some personalised small tote bags with their names on so they have something just for them to do during the wedding.

There are a few different methods to effectively prepare your bags for retail. Here’s a list of them to help you get your products ready to sell. Once you've designed your printed bag, these are the steps to follow.

Adding accessories and decoration to your products will instantly boost the appeal of your product on the shelves. It will distinguishing it from all the other products and make the price much more attractive to potential buyers. It will also show that you care about the product you’re selling. Standards of presentation have risen sharply in the past few years and attention to detail is becoming more and more important when positioning your product, whether it’s online or in a retail store. To finish your bag you can add stickers, pin badges or include a little gift inside the bag. You can also write personalised notes to your customers thanking them for their business, or include marketing materials advertising your products.

In the age of social media, photography is the single most important way you can promote your products. Mobile phones are now more capable than ever of taking beautiful photos, and photographing your products has never been easier. Be sure to check our Pinterest and Instagram for ideas of how to take pictures of your bags, or simply take your products outside and position them somewhere nice. You can create a studio like look by simply using background paper, and grabbing any white lights you have around the house. Natural light will also work.

It’s a chance for you to get creative and communicate that your brand knows how to present itself beautifully. There’s no harm in trying to photograph your bags- doing a trial and error approach is the best way if you don’t know what your doing. Try to have a good mix of studio shots as well as outside or in a natural setting. You can also create a hashtag which your customers can use to share their own photos of them using your products, this interaction is a fantastic way of building brand loyalty and creating a sense of community!

How you package your bags before they are sent to customers, or sold in your retail store is as important as any other interaction. Branded envelopes and boxes, tape, tissue paper, stickers. They are all things to take into consideration when you are deciding how to package your products. How your brand is acknowledged is based on many different factors, packaging being one of them.

Depending on what you’re selling, your customers will appreciate the little things, this may including stickers with the order or having the item wrapped in tissue paper. Look at your competitors and see how they approach packaging their products- and then try and outdo them! It can be as simple as writing a handwritten message. Consumers like to feel special, and this way they will also build a relationship with your brand.

Polybags are a convenient way of keeping your products in good condition between manufacture and point of sale, but as an eco friendly company, we do not like to endorse this approach. If you need to put tote bags inside plastic bags for retail, we recommend sourcing a recyclable, or even better, biodegradable clear bag. There are bags available that are made only with natural ingredients, but can often carry a price premium. We think the premium you pay for a biodegradable polybag is worth it as it can be used as a selling point, and most customers who are environmentally conscious will appreciate you being mindful of the footprint of your product. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of packaging your cotton bags responsibly. Perceptions are changing rapidly about using product packaging that’s not environmentally friendly.

Swing tickets, otherwise known as hand tags are found on most clothing items and give the product authenticity as well as being useful for barcoding purposes. It’s also another chance to promote your brand. Your choice to use swing tickets will depend on whether you already use them for other products and if it is in your budget. The most basic swing tickets available are simply white rectangle cards with a punched hole that can be attached to the tote bags with a plastic kimble. More elaborate tickets are available with an endless amount of options available for card types, colour, printing options and attachment options. Our favourite cards are made from brown recycled card and can be attached with twine, and give a natural look that’s eco-friendly.

Offering a gift wrap service is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. If your products can be given as gifts, many individuals would rather pay for gift wrap rather than faffing about and having to wrap the present themselves. You can keep the style simple or offer different styles and colours of paper and ribbon.

Here at Doodle Bag we pride ourselves on being an online retailer where anyone can order printed and unprinted cotton items for a wide range of occasions. We have produced bags for hen parties, as personalised gifts, and as personal fashion accessories. But what many people don’t know is we also work with lots of businesses, large and small. Read on to see how Doodle Bag can help you and your business.

Small Orders

Doodle Bag has cotton bags with no minimum order quantity! Unlike many large printing companies, Doodle Bag has no MOQ meaning if you just need a handful of bags for a corporate gift or if you plan to sell our products and you just want to dip your toe then, no problem! There is no pressure to order hundreds of items. You can just start with a run of 10 to test the waters and if they’re a hit, order more.

Bulk Pricing

Even though we have no MOQ we still offer bulk pricing, meaning as soon as you order more than one item you will receive a per item discount, which is ideal if you need a few items for a small event or to add a small product line to your range so you can buy your cotton bags wholesale.

Short lead times

Doodle Bag has short lead times. We operate on a quick turnaround, meaning once you have placed your order it will be processed within 1-3 days before it is shipped off to you. If you have a very urgent deadline, we also offer express delivery so you will get your products swiftly, find out more here.

Are you a fashion brand? Check out Our Shop.

Ethical Promise

If ethics and sustainability is important to you and your business, then we’ve got your back. Doodle Bag only sources materials and products from reliable ethical sources, so you can have eco-friendly promotional materials and products. We require all of our suppliers to be SEDEX, Fairtrade, GOTSand ISO accredited. All of our products are also made from 100% natural cotton, we take every measure possible to act in ways that are sustainable and not damaging to the environment, by taking extra steps to make our workplace and production facilities as efficient as possible, and using recycled packaging Doodle Bag is always aiming for green.

Product Range

Here at Doodle Bag we have a large product range with a wide variety of products, from a wide range of bags for many uses, we also have stationery and homewares meaning we are sure to have the product that you need. If you are looking to increase a product range, looking for printed merchandise or if you just want all you cotton items from one supplier Doodle bag is here to help.

Medium Contrast Jute

Landscape Pocket Jute

Denim Backpack Shopper

Denim Pencil Case

Fairtrade & Organic Cotton Tote Bag

As an independent artist you will always be looking for new ways to showcase your designs and give your customers a new way to buy your printed products. Often this is by expanding your product range.

This can be daunting as you might not know which direction to go in. This is where Doodle Bag can help.

We have written a list of the best product picks for Independent Artists looking to expand their range.

a man wearing a plain apron on a white background

Tea Towels/aprons

Printed tea towels and aprons are a great way to expand your range.

The large print area on both of these items means you can really showcase your work to its full potential. Package the tea towel and Apron together for a gift set, or simply sell individually. Both would make a great addition to a giftware range or to be sold in a gift shop.

a Makeup Bag with a sleeping mask and some essential oils on a white background

Makeup Bag

If your designs focus around slogans and motivational mottos then a printed makeup bag or personalised toiletry bag is a perfect way to expand your range.

Typography really stands out on a makeup bag; it gives the product some personality and it makes it a fun item to own. Fun slogans on useful products make excellent gifts.

a plain Drawstring Backpack on a white background


If you are an independent artist, jeweller or fashion designer, our printed drawstring bags are great for you.

With the addition of your logo or design the drawstring bags are a perfect packaging solution. As reusable packaging not only will your products be protected but you will stay in the minds of your clients for years to come.

a FTO Square Cushion cover on a white background

Cushion Covers

Printed cushion covers are a great and easy way to add homewares to your collection.

The large print areas are the perfect canvas to gorgeous designs. With your designs or illustrations these make the perfect scatter cushions ready to compliment someone’s home.

a RPET SHOPPPER CLASSIC DENIM on a white background

Luxury Tote Bag

The Luxury Shopper Bag is made from a smooth and thick cotton giving the bag a premium feel.

The tote features all-round gussets, which add volume. Our luxe shopper can command a higher RRP compared to our standard tote. The size and quality ensure it will be a bag that people will use regularly - a great way to show off your designs.

There are loads of different ways to use our reusable bags, not just what they’re designed for. We’re always thinking of new ways to use canvas bags. So, we thought we’d let you know about a few that don’t spring to mind immediately for some inspiration.

Small Premium Jute Shopper on a white background

Small Shopper.

Our small shopper bag is perfect as a small lunch bag. It has more than enough room for sandwiches, fruit, a drink, and a snack. And personalised with your name, everyone will know to keep their hands off your lunch! Our small shopper is the perfect personalised lunch bag.

medium drawstring pouch - Doodle Bag - Personalised Cotton Tote Bags on a white background

Drawstring bag.

Our small drawstring bag is an ideal food storage bag for storing dried foods like nuts, if you buy your nuts loose in the supermarket, avoid using the plastic bags provided by the shop and take your own reusable fruit and vegetable bag, and they’re great for storage at home too.

Contrast Jute Shopper Bag on a white background

Jute bag.

Jute bags are quite a fashion statement, with a natural, bohemian look to them! With this in mind we think our small jute bag makes a great day bag. A jute handbag will make your look pop as a statement piece without being garish. Style it with almost any outfit and still add an ethical edge to your OOTD.

Small Premium Jute Shopper on a white background

Super shopper.

Our Super shopper as well as being a great shopper bag as a reusable grocery bag, and it makes the ideal personalised beach bag. Large enough to fit towels, flip flops, swimming gear and a little extra room for a picnic! This spacious bag is perfect to fill up for a quick trip to the beach.

Makeup Bag on a white background

Makeup bag.

Ever been on a night out or at an event and your clutch bag is just too small for all your night out essentials? Our makeup bag is the perfect transition piece. It’s still small enough to be a portable under the arm clutch bag, yet with its gusset it is big enough for all your bits and bobs, ready for you to hit the town.

canvas Shopper Natural trans

Small Tote bag.

If you’re planning a hen do it’s such a nifty idea to get your bride tribe matching personalised hen do bags for your embarrassing photo t-shirts, shot glasses, disposable cameras, and whatever else you want to put in them! We think that our small tote bag is the perfect little gift bag to store all your hen do goodies, and they make a great keepsake too.

a woman in blue jeans holding Mini drawstring bag on a white background

Mini Drawstring bag and Tote Bags.

Sticking with the wedding theme, we think our mini drawstring bags are the ideal personalised wedding favour bag for your guests. Just big enough to fill with sweets, trinkets and keepsakes, but small enough so it fits in nicely with all your other table decorations and settings. Our tote bags are great as a large wedding favour bag if you have a larger wedding favour in mind! With your design with the colour, theme, and date of your wedding it’s a great way to include a tote bag in your wedding.

large red jute on a white background

Jute bag (again)

A gift hamper is a wonderful gift, with treats savoury and sweet that are a bit too indulgent to buy for yourself. Putting these delicious items in a jute bag gives this gift an even more a luxury feel so will make the receiver feel even more special. Our large jute bag is large enough to use as a 6 bottle wine bag as well if you want to really treat someone!

Two whole years of marriage! Can you believe how fast the time has flown by? This time two years ago you were gearing up for your wedding day, butterflies in your stomach and the buzz of friends and relatives waiting to congratulate you both on your special union. We have come up with several second anniversary gift ideas for the perfect romantic gift to give your loved one.

Now things have moved on; you are used to each other and have understood certain habits that perhaps took you by surprise in the first few months as newlyweds. The right side of the bed has been established, who is in charge of the cleaning and cooking has been allocated and you know which bottle of wine to buy to keep everyone happy. So, time to celebrate! Committed believed exercise extension

Your second wedding anniversary is coming up and in keeping with tradition, the wedding anniversary gift you give to one another should be made of cotton. As one of the oldest naturally occurring materials, cotton dates back to 3000 BC and has been an indispensable material mostly because of its versatility and durability.

As a soft, natural material cotton is also incredibly strong and has been used as a valuable fibre for thousands of years. Cotton is grown worldwide, and the elegant, unassuming buds can be made into fibres that are used for clothing, textiles, paper and plenty more making it an ideal gift for your 2nd anniversary.

As your budding relationship develops you will find yourselves needing to be both strong for one another and able to adapt to each other’s different needs. Just like cotton. Cotton grows naturally and its incredible adaptability makes it just the right gift to give in the second year of your marriage. Cotton symbolises the growth and development of your relationship while being strong and compliant – essential qualities for a loving relationship.

We have come up with a few ideas at The Wedding Secret so that you can give your loved one the perfect cotton wedding anniversary gift and celebrate both the exciting two years together as well as giving a gift that – thanks to its composition – will last you for years to come; a lovely memory of your first two years as newlyweds.

A Personalised Tapestry

So you have spent the last two years building up your lives together; maybe you are decorating your house, adding new furniture and gradually beginning to settle down in somewhere you can call home. A personalised tapestry will make a lovely gift for the two of you to share. As an item you can hang on the wall and take with you wherever you go, a tapestry or framed picture is a lovely idea for an intimate gift relating to both of you.

These cross-stitched charts from Holly’s Hobbies are a lovely idea for a gift that you can design with whatever theme you like. Add your names, your wedding date and a pattern or image that represents you and you have the perfect wall hanging symbolising your relationship. They can become a wall hanging, framed picture or even something to add to your pillow.

Cotton Candles

How about a romantic evening in? Run a bath and pop open that obligatory bottle of bubbly and cheers to making it two years into your marriage. To really create the perfect mood, you will need the perfect lighting and what better than some delicious smelling candles for the ideal romantic evening. Nothing says romance better than a bottle of fizz and the flickering taper of a luxury candle.

For a subtle and delicate fragrance that will leave your house smelling fresh and enticing, these candles from Shearer are the perfect second wedding anniversary gift that won’t break the bank. Always good, especially if you are saving for a house or even the patter of tiny feet. Giving off a glorious Egyptian Cotton scent, these candles will make your home feel warm and welcoming; such a subtle but lovely extra can make a huge difference.

Personalised Cushions

As you create your home together, you will find yourselves wanting to make it as inviting as possible. We believe cushions are the perfect way to make a cosy nest so you can snuggle up on the sofa together in complete comfort. Why not decorate your bed with pillows and cushions making it irresistible to leap onto every time you go in the room?

We are loving these quirky creations made by Silly Cushions. You can design the cushion yourself adding your desired colour and creating the words you want. If you have a specific saying or phrase that is intimate to you or you would just like to write ‘I Love You’, then a cute cushion could be just the trick.

How about combining your names together for albeit a cheesy but quirky ‘portmanteau cushion’ to symbolise your relationship?

Cotton Pyjamas

One of the nicest things about your second year of marriage is feeling comfortable around each other. Sometimes all you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa in your pyjamas and read a book or watch the TV so what better present for your second anniversary than some cotton pyjamas that not only look pretty but feel 100% delicious.

These gorgeous pyjamas from Cottonreal are beautiful and not only that, they are incredibly comfy. Made from 100% cotton with satin trim, these are the perfect cotton anniversary gift for your loved one and believe us you will not be able to take your hands off them (the pyjamas that is) once you get a feel for how soft and cosy they are.

Cotton Robes

Much like pyjamas, robes are another lovely item that are a ‘must-have’ in any household and a brilliant option for your second wedding anniversary gift ideas. Snuggling up with a comfy cotton dressing gown that is both lightweight and warm is the perfect item of clothing for a Sunday lie-in.

For the man of the house, we think that Tom, Dick and Harry have it sorted with one of these luxury cotton robes made from – of course – 100% cotton. With the lovely, navy satin stripe, you will feel both smart and snug in this handsome wedding gift.

Equally, for the women, nothing says cotton anniversary better than a cotton kimono from Susannah Cotton Gowns. It is a gift that will leave your partner feeling elegant, warm and beautiful as they glide graciously around the house. Bliss.


So, you’ve heard the expression ‘as snug as a bug in a rug’, well how about ‘as snug as a bug in a hammock’? OK, so it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it but trust us when we say you will never want to get out of one of these once you get in.

As something you can both share, a hammock is a lovely addition to your garden – or even your house if you have the space. It has to be said, there is something wonderful about lying under a canopy of stars while snuggled up together in one of the comfiest and we ought to mention prettiest, hammocks around.

For the eco warriors among you, these hammocks from the gorgeous stylists Amara, are ethically made and make the perfect gift to while the hours away. Relax in the luxury of your own space with a book, music or just with one another. They are even family size so when the time comes there can be room for more than two.

Cotton Candy

Ok, so in the UK we call it candy floss but it is the same thing and we have no issues borrowing an Americanism for one of our second wedding anniversary gift ideas. A candy floss maker could not be a bad idea for those of you with a sweet tooth. Otherwise, why not do something a little different for your anniversary celebrations and go to the fair?

It makes a great day out with tonnes to do and huge amounts of fun. Hey, you are only two years into your marriage. There’s plenty of time for serious things in the years to come but sharing some cotton candy and getting a bit sticky while enjoying a fairground ride is certainly a lovely idea for an anniversary day out.

Cotton Bags

Cotton bags have taken off recently, you have probably seen them in almost every shop and why not? They are a brilliantly economical way of carrying shopping or anything else for that matter and guess what, they can even be personalised.

Doodle bag have created the perfect cotton tote bag for you to personalise. Add a picture of each other, a meaningful phrase or your own design and this bag can be a personal little touch for your perfect cotton anniversary gift. The bags will be the perfect accessory for a trip to the shops or a stroll around the park with your water bottle and maybe even a picnic inside. Create your own personalised wedding favour with Doodle Bag.

Cotton Books

Have we gone mad? Books are not made from cotton! Well, in fact they are, or at least some of them are. Cotton paper has been in production for hundreds of years and is also used in book binding so for those of you with an affinity to a paper back, a cotton bound book could be the perfect gift.

So, if you want to continue in the same vein as your first anniversary but with a little twist, we think a cotton paper book is the ideal second wedding anniversary gift. Khadi Papers create brilliant log books that are ideal for sketchers, artists and those who love to jot down a few intimate thoughts in a charming note book. Ideal to pop in your bag, this lovely gift idea is made with great care and pride in countries around the world.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Scientifically speaking, sleep is one of the most important things we can do to help our bodies regenerate and stay healthy. The less sleep you have, the grouchier you will be with one another and the worse you will feel. As much as we would all love to get more sleep than we do, it is important that our bed is as comfy and as enticing as it could possibly be so that when you do finally snuggle up together after a long day, you are in comfort heaven.

We have found the perfect Egyptian cotton sheets to guarantee an incredible sleep. These Graziano Hem Stitch sheets are the perfect gift for your cotton wedding anniversary. As luxury bedding items, they are the ideal gift for a blissful night’s sleep that you can both benefit from; the only issue is that you genuinely won’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

So there you have it, a few simple ideas for your perfect cotton wedding anniversary gift. We hope you enjoy snuggling in your new night robes or getting cosy in a gorgeous cotton hammock and most of all enjoy celebrating two years with the love of your life. Here’s to plenty more years to come.

Taken from The Wedding Secret.

You can read the article here.

We've been hard at work creating our new website so that Doodle Bag is packed full of features. Our aim is to create the ultimate bag designing experience that's fun and easy to use. We've put together a list of 8 things you may not know Doodle bag can do.

Fancy Text

As well as being able to choose any colour for your custom text, we also have patterns available. Simply click on the "Patterns" tab next to "Colour" and choose one of our colourful textures.

Image Upload

Want your face on a bag!? We’ve made it super easy to upload your own photos. Just use the ‘add image’ tool to either upload from your computer, or login with Facebook or Instagram and select a picture from your profile. Why not create a collage of you favourite pics? We also have advanced image editing options available. Just hit the button and you will then be able to crop photos, add filters, and adjust an images brightness and contrast.

More Text Options!

There’s loads of options available to create a unique piece of text including transparency, alignment and outlines. Make it exactly how you want it.

Bulk Discounts

Be sure to check out the bulk discounts available for ordering higher quantities. There’s massive savings to be had for ordering 2, 10, 25, 50 and 100 units. We also offer free shipping for mainland UK addresses!

Ready Made Images

We have hundreds of ready made images, illustrations and symbols that can be combined and created. Browse our library of beautiful images and insert onto your product, then place, resize and rotate to your hearts content. Expert Tip: Some images can be recoloured. If you see the swatch box in the image’s menu, you can customise the colours to anything you like!

Keep Control

Keep control of your design by using the ‘Manage Layers’ tool. Here you can lock individual items and adjust the order in which they appear on the final design. You can also easily re-colour images within the layers menu.

Blank Bags Fast

If you just need some blank products, then view our unprinted range and checkout. It’s that simple. There’s no minimum order quantity either.

My Account

Keep track of all your Doodle bag orders with our Account Management page. Here you can view the status of your order, re-order if you would like the same again, and edit your addresses, details and payment methods. If you need any further help then just get in touch with us for a fast and friendly response.