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September 21, 2020
5 Reasons to Avoid Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is bad, end of. That could be the whole blog, but I guess I ought to give you some explanation as to why it is such a negative industry, for both people and planet. So here are 5 reasons to avoid fast fashion. Emissions and consumption. The fast fashion industry contributes 10% of […]

September 8, 2020
5 Reasons Why Single-Use Plastic is Bad

Single use plastic, three words that should send a shiver down your spine and make you break out in a nervous sweat. But if they don’t, then here are 5 reasons why single use plastic is the worst. It uses precious non-renewable natural resources to produce. Plastic is produced from crude oil extracted from the […]

July 5, 2018
10 Reasons Why Tote Bags Are Awesome!

10 Reasons Why Tote Bags Are Awesome! Here at Doodle bag we are firm believers that cotton tote bags are simply the best way of carrying your stuff, and their increased popularity further proves that our eco-friendly sidekicks are a super handy accessory. Here's our top 10 reasons why we think everyone should have a […]

May 17, 2018
Illustrator Spotlight On: Soph of Bread

Illustrator Spotlight - Sophie Of Bread Here at Doodle Bag we have a core client base of creative and passionate individuals that run their own businesses by selling their own work online. One of those customers is Sophie Lloyd, an illustrator who celebrates feminist icons through her work. We caught up with Sophie to get […]

April 17, 2018
How To Sell Online: Our Guide To E-commerce For Aspiring Shop Owners

How to sell online: An introduction to e-commerce for aspiring shop owners Deciding which path to take when selling your products online is key to the running of your business, and it not a decision to be taken lightly. Setting up your online shop takes time, but more importantly, it takes even more time to […]