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It’s Yorkshire day today, a special day of the year to celebrate all things Yorkshire. Doodle Bag is a proud Yorkshire company based in Sheffield, UK. A wonderful region is known for its green scenery, picturesque villages and friendly locals. Yorkshire is also home to medieval castles and abbeys and beautiful natural parks and coasts. There’s a reason why it is also known as “God's Own Country”. In this month’s blog, we will be highlighting some of the most beautiful and  Instagrammable locations in the Yorkshire region.  

Robin Hood’s Bay 

Located on the coast of the North York Moors, Robin Hood’s Bay is a charming seaside village with breathtaking views. Robin Hood’s Bay history dates back to 3000 years ago. The village was built in between two cliffs and includes traditional cottages, which you can rent to stay overnight. This is the perfect location to relax and enjoy peaceful coast walks especially dog walks.   The village is known for its historical connection with the legend Robin Hood. To be more specific, it is believed that Robin Hood came to the village to fend off the pirates who came to steal the fisherman’s boats. Other highlights include the historic Church of St Stephen, Robin Hood Bay Museum, the Old Coastguard Station (managed by National Trust), and the Falling Foss Waterfall and Tea Garden.  Explore the seaside, shops and cafes on the beachfront and discover shipwrecks along the coast. 

garden party classes
Photo by National trails

Flamborough Head coast and cliffs 

Next on our list is the stunning coast of Flamborough Head which has 8-mile-long white cliffs. It is situated between the Filey and Bridlington bays of the North Sea, the ridges also provide nesting for thousands of seabirds and especially the famous puffins. The best place to see puffins on the UK's mainland coast is at the North Landing reserve. Flamborough's famous white chalk cliffs include a dramatic bay with a cave, rock pools and arches, and a beautiful lighthouse! It has two lighthouses - one active, and one dating to 1674, making it the oldest serving complete lighthouse in England. A great location for some amazing scenic photos and to spot some adorable puffins! 


Knaresborough can be found near Harrogate. This beautiful medieval market town. It’s mostly known for its very striking viaduct which towers over Nidd Gorge as well as being home to the historically famous prophetess, Mother Shipton. The local folk story entails that the well at Mother Shipton’s cave used to turn everyday objects into stone. A very spooky location with an uncanny history. Moreover, in Knaresborough visitors can stroll through the medieval streets of the village and enjoy the views from the bridge overlooking the River Nidd. Some of the best things to do in Knaresborough include visiting Knaresborough Castle, built-in 1100, and exploring the Bebra Gardens and Knaresborough Square. The historic town has also become increasingly popular because of the rowing boats, which is a very popular activity during the summer.

Fountains Abbey  

 One of Yorkshire’s most historic gems and a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site near Ripon in North Yorkshire. The ruins of Fountains Abbey are truly some of the oldest abbey ruins in the country and are defiantly a location worth visiting. Owned by the National Trust and located in a secluded valley, this is one of the largest and best-preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England.   It was founded in 1132,  as well as its historical importance as it was one of the wealthiest monasteries in England until it was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1539. In the area, one can also visit the wonderful Georgian formal water gardens and a medieval deer park. The ideal place to get the perfect picture!  

ruins of fountains abbey cultural map
Image from Cultural map  


The seaside village of Staithes is a popular place to visit in North Yorkshire and was once one of the largest fishing ports in the Northeast of England.  The fishing village of Staithes is located on a hillside in the Scarborough borough of North Yorkshire. Furthermore, Staithes is filled with delightful 18th-century cottages and narrow cobbled streets. The port is indeed very picturesque in addition to this most local restaurants serve freshly caught fish meals. The village of Staithes is also the village where Captain Cook lived and worked. Thus, visitors can see a complete replica of the shop he worked in, and visit the museum about his life and voyages. Overall, Staithes is a great place for exploring Yorkshire’s cliff paths, pool-dipping, and fossil hunting too. A must-see location!  

staithes during dusk north york photogrpahy
North york photography  


I hope this post has shown you the wonders that Yorkshire can offer and will encourage you to visit these beautiful locations. Yorkshire is the most historic county in England, and its deep-rooted English history makes Yorkshire unique. 

During your travels don’t forget to take your Doodle Bag cotton tote bag!  

Happy Yorkshire Day!  

5 Most Instagrammable places in Yorkshire, England 2022

Doodle Bag works with lots of people far and wide. We work with individuals who want a bag for a gift or want a fashionable accessory, we work with businesses who want branded merchandise for events or corporate gifts.

We also work with a lot of people who are planning weddings!

From wedding planners to maid of honour to the brides, we have printed lots of bags for weddings and receptions. In this blog I am going to give you some examples of what Doodle Bag has done for weddings and maybe give you some inspiration about how you can use cotton bags in a wedding you are planning!

  1. Hen Do party bags

    Even before the wedding happens there are celebrations all around. Including the highly anticipated hen do! A great way to get your bridal party in the hen do spirit is with a bag full of goodies for the night or even few nights ahead. Mini bottles of wine, party poppers, fun hats, sashes, t-shirts, the lot.

    A nice way to present your gift bags to your ‘hens’ is with a personalised gift bag, a cotton bag is ideal for this as it won’t rip so it’s a great place to store, phones, purses and whatever everyone brings with them. Personalise with the date, name of the bride and a funny picture of the bride.

  1. Tea Towel Invites

    A growing trend we have seen recently is wedding invites you can keep. One of the ways you can give someone a special keepsake invite is printing your invitation on a tea towel.

    A tea towel save the date is a great invitation because the large print area means there is more than enough space for all the important information (and maybe some room left for a nice picture), and it is something that people will keep on using, meaning they definitely won’t forget the date!

  1. Wedding Favour Bags

    Wedding favours are probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cotton bags are weddings. A cotton drawstring bag is perfect for storing the little presents for guests.

    Whether it be sweets, candles or a small token, we have drawstring bags of all sizes which are perfect for personalised wedding favours, with the names of the happy couple and the date and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous keepsake for your guests.

  1. Bridesmaid Gift Bag

    Bridesmaids really do gods work, dealing with pre-wedding emotions, fittings and organisation as well as on the day helping out the bride to no end and ensuring that the happy couple are blissfully unaware of anything issues that may be going on during their special day. So, you may want to say thank you with a little bridesmaid gift on or after the wedding day.

    Using a cotton tote as a bridesmaid goodie bag is a great way to add a special touch to the gift, a photo of you and the bridesmaid, or their name and a little message, something that they can use in the future is a fab way to present your gift.

  1. Activity bags for Children

    If you are inviting children to you wedding it could be a worry to you or their parents about keeping them occupied during proceedings. One way to resolve this issue is with a goodie bag for kids specifically for the little ones.

    A small tote with crayons and colouring book or some bubbles, some fun activity to keep them busy so everyone can chill a little bit. Order some personalised small tote bags with their names on so they have something just for them to do during the wedding.

Summer may have been and gone although some of us are already planning our next voyage. But do we think about the environmental consequences of our weeks in the sun? And are there ways to lower our impact when we decide to go on our jollies? In this blog we will talk about these effects and how you can become pro at eco tourism.

What are negative effects of tourism?

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  1. The geographical concentration of tourists.

    Tourists naturally will venture to more desirable locations; normally somewhere hot and beachy or with famous landmarks. However, this has a negative impact on the resources of the town or city being visited. It causes more concentrated pollution from planes, taxis and other modes of transport for the tourists . But it also means there will be more pollution from the vans and lorries that have been used to transport goods to the area for tourists to eat, buy and use while on their holiday.

    R 3

  2. Waste and contamination.

    Going and staying in a massive luxurious hotel or all-inclusive resort is fabulous. But when it comes to their environmental impact it’s less than ideal. All you can eat buffets for breakfast and dinner means huge amounts of food waste twice a day every day. Chlorine filled pools, and industrial chemicals used for cleaning thousands of rooms all add up. They all result in massive amounts of waste and contamination of water and natural resources.

    800px Water Pollution with Trash Disposal of Waste at the Garbage Beach

  3. Degradation of natural infrastructures.

    Businesses expand where there is demand, it’s just how supply and demand works. In holiday resorts however this can lead to scenic and beautiful parts of natural and architectural infrastructure to be destroyed to make way for new hotel complexes or through the destruction through more people visiting and wearing it down. Countries where there is a shortage of water also struggle greatly where pools and water features are an integral part of the hotel experience.

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  4. It’s seasonal.

    The seasonality of holidays means that holiday resorts will often become ghost towns when the season is over. This means that businesses will have to close seasonally, and people will have less work for the rest of the year. Making this kind of business bad for people who work in the tourism industry. Countries like Spain, The Maldives, The Bahamas and Malta all rely heavily on tourism for their GDP meaning that during the “off” season many people will have less work. In 2018 12% of Spanish employment was in tourism or tourism related sectors.

    OIP 1

  5. Too expensive for residents.

    With local space being bought up by rich investors to build resorts and more urbanisation of resort towns will raise prices of normal commodities. On top of the precarity of jobs linked to the seasonality of the sector, the local population can find themselves in a position where they cannot afford to live there anymore.

How to avoid this and become pro at eco tourism.

    1. Go on holiday at non-peak time.

      In order to sustain tourism within a town it will be beneficial to visit in an off-peak time of year. With children at an age where they’re at school, this can be difficult. But in many countries, you will get the “summer” sun in winter months so going during Christmas holidays is always good option, rather than during summer. More often than not flights and hotels will be cheaper too due to lower demand.

    2. Avoid large resorts.

      As we’ve discussed large resorts prove to be a big problem for sustainability. So, why not spend more time planning your trip and venture somewhere off the beaten track (providing the area is safe for travel). You will encounter a truer to life culture of the country you are visiting. There is more chance of seeing unruined and non-commercialised natural wonders and sights.

    3. Go somewhere closer to home.

      If you want to reduce the pollution emitted through holidaying abroad then just go closer to home. Be a tourist in your own country, visit a landmark you’ve never bothered to visit. Go to the seaside. Visit a local festival. Gone will be the days of airports and in will be a train journey to somewhere new in your country.

    4. Eat local food.

      How to avoid eating food that has been transported miles and miles just to be on your plate? Eat locally. Traditional food will be made using local ingredients, because that is what will have been eaten before efficient transport links. So, eating traditional local food means you will be eating local produce and helping local businesses.

    5. Help local businesses by buying from them rather than larger chains.

      Following on from eating locally, buying locally is also something that should be encouraged. Supporting local business is very important especially in a sector that is so seasonal. In order for these businesses to be sustainable long term they will need the sales during the high season so do your bit and support them.

Happy Holiday-ing!!

10 Best Vegan Recipes

We’ve got a couple of vegans here at Doodle Bag which has inspired us to put together a list of our favourite tried and tested recipes, from Breakfast, lunch/dinner to dessert, they’ll be something to suit even the pickiest of taste buds.


pancake on a plate with bananas ontop

1. Vegan Pancakes

With pancake day just around the corner, here's the perfect pancake recipe so you don't have to miss out on the fun.

Our verdict: Fluffy and thick. These pancakes are super easy to make and taste delicious. If you want them a little lighter just adjust the amount of liquid in them in order to get a thinner batter. If you want them to be less sweet just omit the sugar from the recipe completely. Top with the classics, lemon and sugar or be adventurous and top with a savoury delight of wilted spinach, leeks and mushrooms.

a glass bowl of hash and peas

2. Pea & Potato Hash

Liven up breakfast with this healthy weekend alternative of black eyed pea & sweet potato hash. Serve with toast and get all your friends round for brunch.

a white bowl of Braised Chickpeas

3. Braised Chickpeas

A warming hearty meal that will satisfy even the biggest of appetites. These braised chickpeas are one of our favourites, a one pot delight, served with a baked sweet potato and coriander garnish. If you want to make it a little lighter, substitute some of the coconut milk with water.


a glass jar of pesto with a knife sticking out of it

4. Pesto

A lighter healthier take on traditional Pesto, this Pistou pairs perfectly with whole-wheat spaghetti and garlic fried greens and mushrooms. Just replace the parmesan with vegan parmesan for a fully vegan alternative. You can also use as a sandwich spread or a dip for crudit

a pot of Daal on an intricate table cloth

5. Daal

You can’t go wrong with Daal, perfect as a side or served with chapatti’s, its a one bowl wonder. Don’t let the different types of lentils overwhelm you. This simple Tarka Daal recipe is a good place to start if you’re new to lentils. This particular recipe calls for garam masala, I’m not a big fan of it but if you can get a good quality one it does make a difference depending on how strong you want the flavour. You don’t want to rush the onion stage, the most important part of Indian cooking is getting the base right. Undercooked onions are a big no no, as are uncooked spices.

a couple of bowls of Miso Aubergines on an wooden table

6. Miso Aubergines

Aubergines are a fan favourite for vegans, their meaty like texture means they’re great for adding substance to a meal. These miso aubergines has the addition of honey to add a sweet flavour to the otherwise salty sauce. Serve with stir fried greens and sticky jasmine rice for a dinner party worthy meal.

a plate of Moussaka and potatos

7. Moussaka

A moussaka from scratch can seem daunting but this vegan recipe, although with many stages, is not complicated. And what you’re left with is a wonderfully fragrant dish

a cut away of shepherds pie  showing its tasty insides

8. Shepherd's Pie

A classic meal, shepherd’s pie is a favourite with everyone. Add some Henderson’s relish to give this recipe a little more depth of flavour, and sprinkle nutritional yeast on the top to give a cheesy crust. Serve with simple steamed broccoli and red wine.


Salted Caramel Tarts glistening in the light

9. Salted Caramel Tarts

If you’ve got a dinner party these Salted Caramel Tarts are sure to impress. If you don’t like caramel, just take it out and replace with more chocolate!

Lemon Drizzle cut into squares toped with a slice of Lemmon

10. Lemon Drizzle

I don’t have the patience to make desserts but this lemon drizzle is so easy and turned out so great. I substituted the plain water for fizzy water and the results were delicious. Even better than a non vegan lemon drizzle!

Two whole years of marriage! Can you believe how fast the time has flown by? This time two years ago you were gearing up for your wedding day, butterflies in your stomach and the buzz of friends and relatives waiting to congratulate you both on your special union. We have come up with several second anniversary gift ideas for the perfect romantic gift to give your loved one.

Now things have moved on; you are used to each other and have understood certain habits that perhaps took you by surprise in the first few months as newlyweds. The right side of the bed has been established, who is in charge of the cleaning and cooking has been allocated and you know which bottle of wine to buy to keep everyone happy. So, time to celebrate! Committed believed exercise extension

Your second wedding anniversary is coming up and in keeping with tradition, the wedding anniversary gift you give to one another should be made of cotton. As one of the oldest naturally occurring materials, cotton dates back to 3000 BC and has been an indispensable material mostly because of its versatility and durability.

As a soft, natural material cotton is also incredibly strong and has been used as a valuable fibre for thousands of years. Cotton is grown worldwide, and the elegant, unassuming buds can be made into fibres that are used for clothing, textiles, paper and plenty more making it an ideal gift for your 2nd anniversary.

As your budding relationship develops you will find yourselves needing to be both strong for one another and able to adapt to each other’s different needs. Just like cotton. Cotton grows naturally and its incredible adaptability makes it just the right gift to give in the second year of your marriage. Cotton symbolises the growth and development of your relationship while being strong and compliant – essential qualities for a loving relationship.

We have come up with a few ideas at The Wedding Secret so that you can give your loved one the perfect cotton wedding anniversary gift and celebrate both the exciting two years together as well as giving a gift that – thanks to its composition – will last you for years to come; a lovely memory of your first two years as newlyweds.

A Personalised Tapestry

So you have spent the last two years building up your lives together; maybe you are decorating your house, adding new furniture and gradually beginning to settle down in somewhere you can call home. A personalised tapestry will make a lovely gift for the two of you to share. As an item you can hang on the wall and take with you wherever you go, a tapestry or framed picture is a lovely idea for an intimate gift relating to both of you.

These cross-stitched charts from Holly’s Hobbies are a lovely idea for a gift that you can design with whatever theme you like. Add your names, your wedding date and a pattern or image that represents you and you have the perfect wall hanging symbolising your relationship. They can become a wall hanging, framed picture or even something to add to your pillow.

Cotton Candles

How about a romantic evening in? Run a bath and pop open that obligatory bottle of bubbly and cheers to making it two years into your marriage. To really create the perfect mood, you will need the perfect lighting and what better than some delicious smelling candles for the ideal romantic evening. Nothing says romance better than a bottle of fizz and the flickering taper of a luxury candle.

For a subtle and delicate fragrance that will leave your house smelling fresh and enticing, these candles from Shearer are the perfect second wedding anniversary gift that won’t break the bank. Always good, especially if you are saving for a house or even the patter of tiny feet. Giving off a glorious Egyptian Cotton scent, these candles will make your home feel warm and welcoming; such a subtle but lovely extra can make a huge difference.

Personalised Cushions

As you create your home together, you will find yourselves wanting to make it as inviting as possible. We believe cushions are the perfect way to make a cosy nest so you can snuggle up on the sofa together in complete comfort. Why not decorate your bed with pillows and cushions making it irresistible to leap onto every time you go in the room?

We are loving these quirky creations made by Silly Cushions. You can design the cushion yourself adding your desired colour and creating the words you want. If you have a specific saying or phrase that is intimate to you or you would just like to write ‘I Love You’, then a cute cushion could be just the trick.

How about combining your names together for albeit a cheesy but quirky ‘portmanteau cushion’ to symbolise your relationship?

Cotton Pyjamas

One of the nicest things about your second year of marriage is feeling comfortable around each other. Sometimes all you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa in your pyjamas and read a book or watch the TV so what better present for your second anniversary than some cotton pyjamas that not only look pretty but feel 100% delicious.

These gorgeous pyjamas from Cottonreal are beautiful and not only that, they are incredibly comfy. Made from 100% cotton with satin trim, these are the perfect cotton anniversary gift for your loved one and believe us you will not be able to take your hands off them (the pyjamas that is) once you get a feel for how soft and cosy they are.

Cotton Robes

Much like pyjamas, robes are another lovely item that are a ‘must-have’ in any household and a brilliant option for your second wedding anniversary gift ideas. Snuggling up with a comfy cotton dressing gown that is both lightweight and warm is the perfect item of clothing for a Sunday lie-in.

For the man of the house, we think that Tom, Dick and Harry have it sorted with one of these luxury cotton robes made from – of course – 100% cotton. With the lovely, navy satin stripe, you will feel both smart and snug in this handsome wedding gift.

Equally, for the women, nothing says cotton anniversary better than a cotton kimono from Susannah Cotton Gowns. It is a gift that will leave your partner feeling elegant, warm and beautiful as they glide graciously around the house. Bliss.


So, you’ve heard the expression ‘as snug as a bug in a rug’, well how about ‘as snug as a bug in a hammock’? OK, so it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it but trust us when we say you will never want to get out of one of these once you get in.

As something you can both share, a hammock is a lovely addition to your garden – or even your house if you have the space. It has to be said, there is something wonderful about lying under a canopy of stars while snuggled up together in one of the comfiest and we ought to mention prettiest, hammocks around.

For the eco warriors among you, these hammocks from the gorgeous stylists Amara, are ethically made and make the perfect gift to while the hours away. Relax in the luxury of your own space with a book, music or just with one another. They are even family size so when the time comes there can be room for more than two.

Cotton Candy

Ok, so in the UK we call it candy floss but it is the same thing and we have no issues borrowing an Americanism for one of our second wedding anniversary gift ideas. A candy floss maker could not be a bad idea for those of you with a sweet tooth. Otherwise, why not do something a little different for your anniversary celebrations and go to the fair?

It makes a great day out with tonnes to do and huge amounts of fun. Hey, you are only two years into your marriage. There’s plenty of time for serious things in the years to come but sharing some cotton candy and getting a bit sticky while enjoying a fairground ride is certainly a lovely idea for an anniversary day out.

Cotton Bags

Cotton bags have taken off recently, you have probably seen them in almost every shop and why not? They are a brilliantly economical way of carrying shopping or anything else for that matter and guess what, they can even be personalised.

Doodle bag have created the perfect cotton tote bag for you to personalise. Add a picture of each other, a meaningful phrase or your own design and this bag can be a personal little touch for your perfect cotton anniversary gift. The bags will be the perfect accessory for a trip to the shops or a stroll around the park with your water bottle and maybe even a picnic inside. Create your own personalised wedding favour with Doodle Bag.

Cotton Books

Have we gone mad? Books are not made from cotton! Well, in fact they are, or at least some of them are. Cotton paper has been in production for hundreds of years and is also used in book binding so for those of you with an affinity to a paper back, a cotton bound book could be the perfect gift.

So, if you want to continue in the same vein as your first anniversary but with a little twist, we think a cotton paper book is the ideal second wedding anniversary gift. Khadi Papers create brilliant log books that are ideal for sketchers, artists and those who love to jot down a few intimate thoughts in a charming note book. Ideal to pop in your bag, this lovely gift idea is made with great care and pride in countries around the world.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Scientifically speaking, sleep is one of the most important things we can do to help our bodies regenerate and stay healthy. The less sleep you have, the grouchier you will be with one another and the worse you will feel. As much as we would all love to get more sleep than we do, it is important that our bed is as comfy and as enticing as it could possibly be so that when you do finally snuggle up together after a long day, you are in comfort heaven.

We have found the perfect Egyptian cotton sheets to guarantee an incredible sleep. These Graziano Hem Stitch sheets are the perfect gift for your cotton wedding anniversary. As luxury bedding items, they are the ideal gift for a blissful night’s sleep that you can both benefit from; the only issue is that you genuinely won’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

So there you have it, a few simple ideas for your perfect cotton wedding anniversary gift. We hope you enjoy snuggling in your new night robes or getting cosy in a gorgeous cotton hammock and most of all enjoy celebrating two years with the love of your life. Here’s to plenty more years to come.

Taken from The Wedding Secret.

You can read the article here.