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It’s Halloween season and it’s time to start thinking about your costume. If you are not a big fan of dressing up and spending loads of money on an expensive and over-complicated costume, then Doodle Bag has the perfect ‘costume’ for you!  

Go Simple, this Halloween by personalising your own Halloween T-Shirt.  

Can’t think of a design? We've put together some ideas for customised t-shirts for Halloween that will bring out the green-eyed monster in everyone!  

Make a scary, horror-themed t-shirt

The first thing that comes to mind for most people about Halloween is the scary stuff. So we’ll start with that first.

If you want to keep people away from you at Halloween parties, this is the perfect ‘costume idea for you. You can personalise our bags with very freaky and spooky movie characters, monsters, zombies, chainsaws, clowns, skulls, splatters, you name it! Or you can even go with the more standard t-shirt of the Skeleton Body.

Halloween Custom Idea - Skeleton

 Child-friendly Halloween-themed Shirts

Not all Halloween shirts have to be scary. There are plenty of shirts out there that don’t involve zombies, axes, etc. For younger kids and others who just want to enjoy the fall and Halloween season besides the scary stuff, there are plenty of art choices here, too.

Go with a harvest theme with pumpkins, corn stalks, and apples. For more of a fun Halloween theme, there are plenty of friendly-looking ghosts, witches, bats, cats, along with some candy clip art.

Halloween Custom Idea - Kids

 T-shirts inspired by movies

Create a personalised Halloween t-shirt this season, and shock the masses with the authenticity and ease at which you can emulate your chosen character. First of all, to the nature of the season, it would be a great idea to personalise a t-shirt according to your favourite Halloween movie. There are lots to choose from ranging from Classical Halloween movies The Addams Family, Hocus pocus, Friday the 13th, Dracula, The Corpse Bride e.t.c or even more recent ones like Paranormal Activity, The Purge, IT and many others.

Movie quotes are a great idea to get printed on your custom Halloween t-shirt. You can even embody your favourite Superhero. But be prepared you might be asked to save the world while you are off-duty!

Halloween - T-shirt Flash - superhero

 Custom Shirts for Halloween Events

Halloween is a time with many events centred around the holiday. We’re talking haunted houses, office parties, mazes, trick-or-treat events, 5k runs, etc. Most of these events have t-shirts for participants or are available for people to buy at the event. These types of shirts usually have the event name and date which makes them a great souvenir to help attendees remember the event afterwards. T-shirts also help advertise the event, especially if it is an annual occurrence, year after year.

Halloween Marathon T-Shirt

Create one or all of these custom Halloween t-shirts with Doodle Bag. No minimum order or set up fee is required, with free delivery and next day delivery.

To complete the look you can also print personalised trick or treat bags for your little ones! You could go for the tote bags or shopper bag.

Happy Halloween 😊

Introducing Laura Williams - The Edinburgh Based Nature-Focused illustrator

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

I’m a Scottish Freelance Illustrator living in Edinburgh with a fascination for the natural world. I grew up in North Berwick, a wee seaside town on the East Coast of Scotland with a love for collecting and drawing small natural curiosities. This interest in nature has always provided me with ample inspiration for my artwork and it’s from this that my business blossomed.

My focus is exploring through-line, dot and pattern, highlighting the complexity of organic forms and the beauty behind the simple, no matter how small, damaged or old. For me, everything has a role to play and a purpose in this world and it is important to recognise this. My work centres on highlighting the smaller things in life, those that are perhaps cast aside or forgotten.

Over the past number of years, my work has explored conservation through endangered species, in particular insects. I created a collection called ‘Insectarium’ which captured the plight of our local insects and how much their numbers have declined in the UK. This series of work sparked me to make my first line of prints to sell online and so I opened an Etsy Shop called LauraWilliamsArtwork. Since then, my business has grown steadily, and I’ve continued to expand my product range featuring everything from pinecones, pebbles, leaves and birds.

IMG 20210824 165612004 HDR

How did you keep going and stay motivated during the Covid 19 lockdowns?

Although I live in Edinburgh, I was incredibly fortunate to spend a few lockdowns back home by the sea. Having this beautiful landscape on my doorstep was a lifeline for keeping myself motivated. I started collecting shells, driftwood, feathers, bones and seaweed and once I had a nice selection of items, I dived into the drawing. It provided me with much-needed escapism and a sense of calm from the stress that this pandemic brought. I was very lucky.

IMG 20210725 WA0023 2

What inspires you?

Growing up by the beach has always inspired me. I love the ever-changing landscapes, the beautiful wildlife, and the drama of the sea, it’s one of my happy places. Woodlands and grasslands are another big inspiration. They are treasure troves full of interesting curiosities waiting to be discovered with endless possibilities! In addition to this, my drawing style has been heavily inspired by scientific illustrations such as those found in natural history books and field guides. Everything from geology, entomology, and botanical resources.

What does your art mean to you?

My art offers me a way of connecting with the world around me. It gives me an outlet to express and explore my creativity and inner potential, much like a second language. It is an extension of my mind and how I interpret my environment. Overall, it provides me with a rich vein of joy and sense of purpose, I would not be me without it.

IMG 20190308 142851

What materials and techniques do you predominantly use in making your designs?

I mainly work with fine liners as they are perfect for capturing details and intricacies. One of the main techniques I have adopted is the art of stippling which involves a lengthy process of mark-making using dots. This method helps me achieve great depth and tone, building up layers and contrast resulting in a very graphic style of drawing. On occasion, I do like to dabble in coloured pencil, promarkers, gouache and watercolours when I want to inject colour into my work.

240447443 403641777848605 976901492575212755 n

What has been your favourite artistic experience over the last 12 months? Recently I attended my first ever market which was a wonderful experience. Up until now, I have operated online through my shop and promoting myself through social media. Being able to meet customers in person and have interesting conversations about my art and nature gave me a massive boost in confidence. It was a great success.

What is your favourite product you’ve had from Doodle Bag?

I love the contrast shopping bags! They have been a big hit with my customers and offer a more sophisticated look to your traditional tote bag. They are of great quality and work perfectly with my black and white designs.

IMG 20210725 155213979 HDR 2

What are your future plans?

I hope to continue to build my business through Etsy and other platforms and reach a wider audience over time. I have a number of markets lined up which will help add to this growth. As well as this, I’d love to hold more exhibitions and get my work in shops.

What advice would you give new artists starting out now?

Don’t give up! I always tell myself if it’s hard to do it’s probably worth doing and I have found this has rung true on many occasions. Choosing this path isn’t easy and brings many challenges with it but if it brings you joy and a sense of purpose then stick with it, life is too short not to chase your passions.


 Why did you choose Doodle Bag?

When I was researching suppliers for tote bags, I was delighted to see how ethical and eco-friendly Doodle Bag was in its production process. Reducing my impact on the plant is becoming incredibly important to me so finding good suppliers associated with good labour practices, fair trade and an ethos towards a greener future was perfect for my business.

240514576 322820252958900 6605061150178704831 n

If you are interested in Laura’s work you can find her here.

Instagram: @laurawilliams_illustration

Facebook:  Laura Williams Illustration

Etsy Shop: LauraWilliamsArtwork

Find the right bag for you or your business here

Our recent blog on why you should sell tote bags if you are an independent artist

Introducing personalised T-shirts  

Doodle Bag now stocks t-shirts, ready to be customised with your design. Choose from 100% cotton or organic cotton, available to be printed with your images, text, and photographsAll our high-quality t-shirts are available on our website and are also eco-friendly and ethically sourced just like the rest of our products. Read on for more details about our new t-shirts.   

Doodle Bag T-shirts  promo image

How to personalise your new t-shirt?  

Design your own t-shirt using our design tool, upload photographs, patterns, logos, and add text. Great if you’re after a personalised t-shirt for an event, fundraiser or party, or if you just want something chic and unique that suits your individual style. Personalised t-shirts are perfect for group events where you want to stand out from the crowd and get everyone in the party mood, they also act as a reminder of a great day out. 


Choose from two types of t-shirt: 

Classic   (available printed and unprinted) 

Classic Printed  


This t-shirt is made from 100% cotton, making it soft and breathable. The woven cotton makes this t-shirt comfortable as well as a perfect canvas for printing your designs, photos or slogans. This t-shirt is great for customisation, the high-quality material makes designs look amazing, to make you stand out from the crowd. 

This t-shirt is great for 

Events, fundraisers, hen parties and stag dos, parties and corporate events. 

Product Specifications 

Buy Classic Blank T-shirts 

We offer the Classic Unprinted t-shirts, which are available in white or black cotton. An everyday high-quality t-shirt, tie-dying at home, arts and crafts activities. There are no minimum order quantities and if you’re in a rush you can get your custom t-shirts the next day. 


doodle bag promo image featuring t-shirt prints

Organic Cotton (available printed and unprinted) 

FTO Printed  


This t-shirt is made from 100% Fair Trade Organic cotton, making it soft, breathable and ethical. The woven cotton makes this t-shirt comfortable as well as a perfect canvas for printing your designs, photos or slogans. 

This t-shirt is great for 

Uniforms for businesses branded with your café or restaurants logo, sports competitions, Events, fundraisers, hen parties and stag dos, parties and corporate events. 

Product Specifications 

Buy Blank FTO Printed T-shirts 

We offer FTO Unprinted t-shirtswhich are available in white or black cotton. An everyday high-quality t-shirt, tie-dying at home, arts and crafts activities. There are no minimum order quantities and if you’re in a rush you can get your t-shirts the next day. 


Where are our t-shirts manufactured?  

All our products are made from 100% natural cotton. We work closely with our Fairtrade registered factories in India to ensure no harsh manufacturing processes are used. Giving you the peace of mind the individuals that made your bags are treated with care, and the environment is kept in mind from crop to completion 



For all our Doodle Bag products including our new personalized t-shirts we offer:  



Check our Giveaway on Instagram for a chance to win your own custom t-shirt.  

Don’t forget to tag us in your posts with your new Doodle Bag t-shirt with the hashtag #DoodleYourWay 

Available now on our website 

When looking to order bags or homewares with Doodle Bag you may have a lot of questions for us and you may not have a fixed plan about what you want. However, there are a few things you should have decided or have a rough idea about before you start designing so we can make sure you get the perfect bags for your business.

In this blog we are going to tell you some things you should know before ordering and some things you should have considered before getting stuck in.

Things you should know

Lead time

Lead time refers to the time it takes to get your bags ready for delivery from when payment is made. Doodle Bag’s lead time is between 2-5 working days from when you place your order. This includes printing and delivery time. If you have a tight deadline, we have next day delivery option available if you order before 12 noon, just select that shipping option at checkout.


The weight of a fabric is done by weighing a square metre (measured in grams written as gsm) or square yard (measured in ounces written as oz) of that fabric. Doodle Bag measures its cotton in oz per yard², however on our product pages we also show the weight in grams per m². This means if a bag is made from 8oz cotton it means that 1-yard² of that cotton would weigh 8oz.

If you want your bag to carry heavier items then a heavier weight cotton may be more suitable, whereas if you are doing an event giveaway bag for flyers then maybe a lightweight bag will be ideal. It is important to note that lightweight cotton tends to cost less than heavyweight cotton.

Things you should have considered


You need to know what your bag is for! Is it an event giveaway, a corporate gift, to sell as a large revenue stream, or as additional merchandise to your main product lines? If you are a company that sells large products for retail, then you can narrow your search down to our larger tote bags. Whereas if you are looking for reusable packaging for a small item then maybe our smaller drawstring bags will fit your requirements. Our bags are great for gifting as well.

By nailing down the purpose of your product it will help you narrow down a lot more aspects of what you need.


While this may seem obvious, you should be considering the quantity before you start looking. Ask your customers if they would be interested before you buy to gain an estimate of units needed. Or just order a few to gauge the reaction, before putting in a larger order.


Budget is definitely something to think about. While you may not have an exact number, it is important to have a rough idea of how much you want to be spending, or how much you are able to allocate to spend on bags. Doodle Bag offers a bulk discount from 2 units plus which allows for large discounts on larger orders, helping you stay on budget.


Our print technique does not print white space on a design. Bearing this in mind, if you print a design with white, it will show the colour of the bag through. If the white is important to the design, then strongly consider ordering a white coloured bag over the natural colour as this will allow for the white to be seen on the design.

If your design is going to be the selling point of your product then print area is something that should be considered. A product with a large print area such as our large totes or our tea towel may be the perfect choice for you as they can really showcase your design.

Keep up to date with our latest product based news here

Read our How to guides here 

Read our website announcements here 

With offices opening up again and as we begin to move towards getting back to normal and back to work, you may be on the hunt for a new work bag or a bag for work. To inject a new lease of life into your wardrobe or to make returning to work that bit easier, we have put together a list of our best bags for work.

man holding a messenger bag

  1. Messenger

    Our messenger is the classic work satchel. It is a large bag with plenty of room for laptops, folders, and your lunch! The messenger bag is the perfect bag for work, there are magnetic clasps to keep all your belongings safe and secure, as well as an internal zip pocket for valuables, print with initials, photos or leave blank for a sophisticated satchel for work or everyday use.

    a woman  wearing a Musette Bag

  2. Musette Bag

    The Musette Bag is a more modern twist on the classic satchel design. With more of a fashionable take on a satchel for an on-trend ladies work bag. There is no top flap but there is a magnetic popper closure to ensure all your belongings are safe and secure. The Musette is large enough for folders, stationery and bits and bobs for work. The adjustable shoulder strap also makes the Musette bag comfortable to carry. Personalise with your design to make it the perfect work bag for you.

    woman holding a large Tote bag on a white background

  3. Large Tote

    Need a large tote bag for work? Let us introduce the Large Shopper. This large work tote is perfect for fitting everything you need, a laptop, diary, lunch, office shoes, random bits you just happen to have in your work bag, everything! Personalise with a photo or design you love for a beautiful and practical work tote bag.

    man holding a backpack shopper on a white background

  4. Backpack shopper

    More of a work backpack fan? The Backpack Shopper is a great backpack for work, as with a few adjustments it becomes a shopper bag. The Backpack shopper is the same size as a regular shopper so there’s plenty of room for all your work essentials but it’s a backpack! A top popper will secure all your belongings in place keeping them safe.

    man Lux Cross Body Shopper on a white background

  5. Cross Body Shopper Bag

    Another take on the shoulder strap bag is our Cross Body Shopper. The same shape as our classic shopper bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and short carrying handles. It is big enough for folders, stationery, and work bits. It is a great work bag especially when you add your design and give it a new personalised touch.

    white fairtrade organic wash bag on a white background

  6. Zip purses

    Also worth mentioning are our zip purses! A stationery bag, a bag for bits and bobs you need for work, a cosmetics bag whatever you need a little separate bag for. We have a range of zip purses from a classic pencil case shape to make up bags and larger toiletry bags, but of course they can all be used for everything! They come in a range of colours so if you need a smaller zip purse for work, we’ve got you.

    woman holding a black contrast medium jute on a white background

  7. Contrast Shopper

    A fun take on a classic shopper our contrast shopper has the same large capacity and added gusset volume as our shopper, big enough for all your work supplies. But it has an added contrasting black bottom and handles, giving it a certain je ne sais quoi, that our classic shopper doesn’t have. Add your own design or text for a fashion-forward but functional grab-and-go work bag.

    a woman holding a Luxurious Super Shopper on a white background

  8. Luxury Shopper

    A Luxury shopper is one of the best tote bags for work. It is small enough to just tuck under your arm, but the all-around gusset just gives it so much volume for everything you need for work! Printed with your name, photo or a design from our premade design library, this bag is perfect as a work tote.

New Product Alert!

The Luxe range is here to bring a little bit of luxury to your life.

Made from high quality heavyweight cotton canvas, the Luxe range features new designs that we have not yet seen at Doodle Bag.

The Luxe range is designed to be fashionable and practical. Created for specific uses, Our Luxe products are a cut above and will fill the gap for tasks other tote bags just cannot perform. The range of product will allow you to use sustainable cotton bags in ways you hadn't thought of before.

a man holding a plain Weekender Bag on a white background

Weekender Bag

The Weekender Bag is a high-quality weekend bag. Featuring contrasting black accents gives the large luggage bag a chic look. The Weekender bag is ideal as a holdall bag, as airport hand luggage or gym bag. With a zip top closure and detachable shoulder strap it is the perfect weekend holdall.

a man holding a plain messenger bag on a white background

Canvas Messenger Bag

The Canvas Messenger Bag is a great school or work bag. With a classic satchel design, it is ideal for carrying books, folders, or laptops. With magnetic closures and an internal zip pocket your valuables will be kept secure and separate and all your belongings will remain safe.

a woman holding a Large Contrast Jute Shopper on a white background

Premium Jute Shoppers

We would also like to welcome our two new luxe Jute Bags the Large Premium Jute Shopper and the Small Premium Jute Shopper. Measuring 40cm X 40cm and 36cm X 34cm both featuring a generous all-round gusset adding extra volume to fit all your shopping and groceries. The Jute with waterproof and wipeable lining makes it a hard-wearing bag and the chic contrast edging and webbed handles with metal rivets offer a modern touch while adding the sturdiness and functionality of the product.

a Cross-Body-Shopper_ in Black  on a white background

Luxury Cross Body Shopper

The Luxury Cross Body Shopper is another great bag for work or school, with the thick webbed adjustable shoulder strap and metal rivets, it is comfy to carry and sturdy no matter how heavy your laptop or schoolbooks are! This bag also features a shorter webbed carrying handle depending on how you want to carry it. The magnetic top closure also ensures to keep your belongings safe.

a man holding the cross body shopper on a white background

Canvas Backpack Shopper

Finally, a pretty cool addition to our luxe collection is our Canvas Backpack Shopper. Made from the same high-quality thick cotton canvas as the rest of our luxe range the Backpack Shopper offers both style and versatility. Doubling up as both a Shopper Bag and then by adjusting the handles transforming into a sleek rucksack this bag is great as it can be used for shopping and groceries as well as a school rucksack or sports bag.

Here at Doodle Bag we pride ourselves on being an online retailer where anyone can order printed and unprinted cotton items for a wide range of occasions. We have produced bags for hen parties, as personalised gifts, and as personal fashion accessories. But what many people don’t know is we also work with lots of businesses, large and small. Read on to see how Doodle Bag can help you and your business.

Small Orders

Doodle Bag has cotton bags with no minimum order quantity! Unlike many large printing companies, Doodle Bag has no MOQ meaning if you just need a handful of bags for a corporate gift or if you plan to sell our products and you just want to dip your toe then, no problem! There is no pressure to order hundreds of items. You can just start with a run of 10 to test the waters and if they’re a hit, order more.

Bulk Pricing

Even though we have no MOQ we still offer bulk pricing, meaning as soon as you order more than one item you will receive a per item discount, which is ideal if you need a few items for a small event or to add a small product line to your range so you can buy your cotton bags wholesale.

Short lead times

Doodle Bag has short lead times. We operate on a quick turnaround, meaning once you have placed your order it will be processed within 1-3 days before it is shipped off to you. If you have a very urgent deadline, we also offer express delivery so you will get your products swiftly, find out more here.

Are you a fashion brand? Check out Our Shop.

Ethical Promise

If ethics and sustainability is important to you and your business, then we’ve got your back. Doodle Bag only sources materials and products from reliable ethical sources, so you can have eco-friendly promotional materials and products. We require all of our suppliers to be SEDEX, Fairtrade, GOTSand ISO accredited. All of our products are also made from 100% natural cotton, we take every measure possible to act in ways that are sustainable and not damaging to the environment, by taking extra steps to make our workplace and production facilities as efficient as possible, and using recycled packaging Doodle Bag is always aiming for green.

Product Range

Here at Doodle Bag we have a large product range with a wide variety of products, from a wide range of bags for many uses, we also have stationery and homewares meaning we are sure to have the product that you need. If you are looking to increase a product range, looking for printed merchandise or if you just want all you cotton items from one supplier Doodle bag is here to help.

Medium Contrast Jute

Landscape Pocket Jute

Denim Backpack Shopper

Denim Pencil Case

Fairtrade & Organic Cotton Tote Bag

As an independent artist you will always be looking for new ways to showcase your designs and give your customers a new way to buy your printed products. Often this is by expanding your product range.

This can be daunting as you might not know which direction to go in. This is where Doodle Bag can help.

We have written a list of the best product picks for Independent Artists looking to expand their range.

a man wearing a plain apron on a white background

Tea Towels/aprons

Printed tea towels and aprons are a great way to expand your range.

The large print area on both of these items means you can really showcase your work to its full potential. Package the tea towel and Apron together for a gift set, or simply sell individually. Both would make a great addition to a giftware range or to be sold in a gift shop.

a Makeup Bag with a sleeping mask and some essential oils on a white background

Makeup Bag

If your designs focus around slogans and motivational mottos then a printed makeup bag or personalised toiletry bag is a perfect way to expand your range.

Typography really stands out on a makeup bag; it gives the product some personality and it makes it a fun item to own. Fun slogans on useful products make excellent gifts.

a plain Drawstring Backpack on a white background


If you are an independent artist, jeweller or fashion designer, our printed drawstring bags are great for you.

With the addition of your logo or design the drawstring bags are a perfect packaging solution. As reusable packaging not only will your products be protected but you will stay in the minds of your clients for years to come.

a FTO Square Cushion cover on a white background

Cushion Covers

Printed cushion covers are a great and easy way to add homewares to your collection.

The large print areas are the perfect canvas to gorgeous designs. With your designs or illustrations these make the perfect scatter cushions ready to compliment someone’s home.

a RPET SHOPPPER CLASSIC DENIM on a white background

Luxury Tote Bag

The Luxury Shopper Bag is made from a smooth and thick cotton giving the bag a premium feel.

The tote features all-round gussets, which add volume. Our luxe shopper can command a higher RRP compared to our standard tote. The size and quality ensure it will be a bag that people will use regularly - a great way to show off your designs.

There are loads of different ways to use our reusable bags, not just what they’re designed for. We’re always thinking of new ways to use canvas bags. So, we thought we’d let you know about a few that don’t spring to mind immediately for some inspiration.

Small Premium Jute Shopper on a white background

Small Shopper.

Our small shopper bag is perfect as a small lunch bag. It has more than enough room for sandwiches, fruit, a drink, and a snack. And personalised with your name, everyone will know to keep their hands off your lunch! Our small shopper is the perfect personalised lunch bag.

medium drawstring pouch - Doodle Bag - Personalised Cotton Tote Bags on a white background

Drawstring bag.

Our small drawstring bag is an ideal food storage bag for storing dried foods like nuts, if you buy your nuts loose in the supermarket, avoid using the plastic bags provided by the shop and take your own reusable fruit and vegetable bag, and they’re great for storage at home too.

Contrast Jute Shopper Bag on a white background

Jute bag.

Jute bags are quite a fashion statement, with a natural, bohemian look to them! With this in mind we think our small jute bag makes a great day bag. A jute handbag will make your look pop as a statement piece without being garish. Style it with almost any outfit and still add an ethical edge to your OOTD.

Small Premium Jute Shopper on a white background

Super shopper.

Our Super shopper as well as being a great shopper bag as a reusable grocery bag, and it makes the ideal personalised beach bag. Large enough to fit towels, flip flops, swimming gear and a little extra room for a picnic! This spacious bag is perfect to fill up for a quick trip to the beach.

Makeup Bag on a white background

Makeup bag.

Ever been on a night out or at an event and your clutch bag is just too small for all your night out essentials? Our makeup bag is the perfect transition piece. It’s still small enough to be a portable under the arm clutch bag, yet with its gusset it is big enough for all your bits and bobs, ready for you to hit the town.

canvas Shopper Natural trans

Small Tote bag.

If you’re planning a hen do it’s such a nifty idea to get your bride tribe matching personalised hen do bags for your embarrassing photo t-shirts, shot glasses, disposable cameras, and whatever else you want to put in them! We think that our small tote bag is the perfect little gift bag to store all your hen do goodies, and they make a great keepsake too.

a woman in blue jeans holding Mini drawstring bag on a white background

Mini Drawstring bag and Tote Bags.

Sticking with the wedding theme, we think our mini drawstring bags are the ideal personalised wedding favour bag for your guests. Just big enough to fill with sweets, trinkets and keepsakes, but small enough so it fits in nicely with all your other table decorations and settings. Our tote bags are great as a large wedding favour bag if you have a larger wedding favour in mind! With your design with the colour, theme, and date of your wedding it’s a great way to include a tote bag in your wedding.

large red jute on a white background

Jute bag (again)

A gift hamper is a wonderful gift, with treats savoury and sweet that are a bit too indulgent to buy for yourself. Putting these delicious items in a jute bag gives this gift an even more a luxury feel so will make the receiver feel even more special. Our large jute bag is large enough to use as a 6 bottle wine bag as well if you want to really treat someone!

Sharpies at the ready! Kids get creative with Doodle Bags

We recently donated some unprinted bags to Birchensale Middle School for an activity day they held...Oliver Cooke the Year 5 teacher tells us more.

Why did you need bags and what did you use them for?

On the 19th of July I organised and held an event in which the children participated in several activities of their choice. One of the activities was tote bag design in which the children used sharpies to design their very own bags. Your kind donation ensure that each child that chose this activity had a bag of their own which they could take home and show off. The bags were of incredible quality and didn’t smudge or fray as many of these type of bags often do.

Doodle Bag Product Showcase - Our Top 5 Favourites For Summer

With summer in full swing here in the UK and we’re all making the most of the lovely weather, with days out to the beach, walks in the countryside, and just about every outdoor activity imaginable. To accompany us on our journey of sunshine celebration, here’s our top 5 suggestions for bags to keep with you as a practical and stylish accessory throughout the summer season.

Supersize canvas bag

Nothing says beach bag like our Supersize Canvas Bag. Most of us seem to visit the beach with an abundance of brightly coloured towels, windbreakers, swimming gear and refreshments, and we need a large bag that can take care of all of this. Our supersize shopper fits the bill perfectly. As the same suggests, its bumper size is capable of carrying about as much as you can manage, and due to its sturdy heavyweight canvas construction, it’s durable enough to handle the task. This beach tote also super easy to fill up and throw in the boot of the car, and it’s off to the beach we go!

a plain cotton tote bag

Cotton Tote Bag

Yes it’s the most classical style in our shop, but it’s also the most popular and most merchandised bag available. The versatility of this bag is undeniable, and the it can be seen worn on the streets as some of the most fashionable bags around. Ideal for a cool piece of artwork, the simple cotton tote bag will serve you well as a daily bag throughout the summer months.

a plain Drawstring Backpack on a white background

Drawstring Backpack

Probably one of the most practical object transporting accessories you can buy; our drawstring backpack is an outdoor activity ready bag that can safely store the gear you need for an adventure or as a kit bag for sports clothing. This backpack works well as a second in command to a full backpack, to store the items you need at access instantly, and when you don’t need it, it’s scrunch-able to a tiny footprint ready for the next time you need it.

white fairtrade and organic apron on a white background

Canvas Apron

Where there’s sun, there’s barbeques. Where there’s Barbeques, there’s a grill master. Grill masters need aprons, and we stock customisable aprons that can be personalised however you like them. You could use an image of their meat of choice, or emboss with their formal title, so everyone knows who’s the boss of the grill. Our canvas aprons are made from a sturdy heavyweight canvas and we stock aprons in natural or white, and remember, there’s free delivery on everything!

Landscape Pocket Jute on a white background

Large Jute Bag

If barbeques are not your thing, picnics probably are, and our Large Jute bag is a lovely solution for a summer picnic. This is our go-to picnic hamper, as its biodegradable lining keeps your perishables safe, and the rustic styling of the jute bag will not look out of place next to the blanket, punnet of strawberries and bottle of bubbly.

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Personalised Tote Bags For Every Occasion

At Doodle Bag we've made it easy to create a personalised tote bag, no matter what the season. Our design tool is super easy to use but still packs loads of functionality to help you create a unique and beautiful personalised bag. There's a variety of ways you can personalise your cotton bag, with no limit to the amount of elements you can add to your design. Many of our customers have a design ready, and simply upload it straight to the design tool. This is a great way to get a short print run of tote bags in a pinch. Others enjoy the process of designing from scratch, and our bag designer allows your inspiration to run wild. We recommend browsing through our design tool and explore all the features available.

You can order more than 200 bags at our sister company BIDBI 

How to get started

Add your own image to your bag design. There's a variety of ways you can get your favourite images onto your bag. Upload from your device, whether it's a mobile, tablet or desktop, or login to your Facebook or Instagram account to scroll through your albums. Upon loading you can resize and rotate to your liking.

Creating text for your personalised bag couldn't be easier. Just type your message, then select one of our lovely fonts adjust the layout. You can also choose any colour using a hex code to match your branding.

The Design Library houses all of our 'ready to go' images. We've got thousands of images in here, suitable for all occasions. There's no limit to the amount you can add to your design.

Manage Layers allows you to move certain elements above or below others, and lock certain parts of the design. This gives you better control of your design.

Don't forget to add a design to the second side if you want one! There's no extra charge for printing on the second side of the bag.

The price breakdown tables show the discounts available for buying more than 1 bag. The more you buy, the more you save.

Some products have colour variations available, choose your colour before checking out.

a row of tables with wedding decorations on them

Personalised Wedding Favour Bags

Couples-to-be love using our drawstring pouches as wedding favour bags. We've got a selection of sizes of these cute little bags available, so pick a size depending on what you plan to put in them. These drawstring pouches come with a rope tie at the top to keep little gifts secure, and with printing available you can add whatever you like to match the theme of your big day. They make for a simple and elegant solution that guests will love on your big day.

a group of women in pyjamas partying

Personalised Hen Party Bags

Get your bags for the girls sorted with Doodle Bag. We've made it super easy by creating some designs for you that just need your personalisation adding. Just enter your name, select a quantity, and check out! Don't forget, you can create your own hen party bags from scratch if you like, why not add a picture of the bride or groom with a special message?

a Christmas tree in the foreground with a ornate church in the back

Personalised Christmas Bags

We have a whole category dedicated to Christmas in our design library, and there's many beautiful images there ready to be used. Create a Christmas design from scratch with a personalised message for your loved ones or a special greeting. Christmas themed tote bags make great stocking fillers, or can be used instead of a stocking to hold presents. We recommend our super shopper bag. Why? Because it can hold loads of presents and it's extra large size means a big print area too. A personalised shopper bag stuffed with present will surely make someone's Christmas unforgettable.

a plate with a rose and an envelop with a heart icon on it

Personalised Valentines Bags

One of the most important gifting events of the year, and the one event where personalisation is of the upmost importance. Creating a unique gift for your loved one will show just how much you care, and we recommend a personalised zip purse as either a gift, or to be used to package a set of gifts. We've got dedicated design categories for love & romance, and many options to add your special message. We even have a gift wrapping service available if you would like us to do all the leg work for you.

a wrapped present with confetti around it

Personalised Birthday Bags

Party bags are a great addition to any celebration, and we've got the perfect solution. Our mini cotton tote bag is the ideal size for a eco friendly gift bag, and with discounted prices for ordering more, you can get one for each guest. This bag is also popular for kids parties too, we've recently added kids party designs to our design library to help you on your way.

grass with various sports equipment lying on it

Personalised Sports Bags

If you need a personalised bag for each member of our sports team or club, we've got it covered. Our drawstring backpack is the environmentally conscious alternative to plastic based sports bags and is equipped with comfy cotton rope drawsting pulls. Simply decorate with your logo and add the name of team or school.