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Top 5 Bags for Summer

Doodle Bag Product Showcase - Our Top 5 Favourites For Summer

Posted By on June 29, 2018

Doodle Bag Product Showcase - Our Top 5 Favourites For Summer

With summer in full swing here in the UK and we’re all making the most of the lovely weather, with days out to the beach, walks in the countryside, and just about every outdoor activity imaginable. To accompany us on our journey of sunshine celebration, here’s our top 5 suggestions for bags to keep with you as a practical and stylish accessory throughout the summer season.

Supersize canvas bag

Nothing says beach bag like our Supersize Canvas Bag. Most of us seem to visit the beach with an abundance of brightly coloured towels, windbreakers, swimming gear and refreshments, and we need a large bag that can take care of all of this. Our supersize shopper fits the bill perfectly. As the same suggests, its bumper size is capable of carrying about as much as you can manage, and due to its sturdy heavyweight canvas construction, it’s durable enough to handle the task. This beach tote also super easy to fill up and throw in the boot of the car, and it’s off to the beach we go!

a plain cotton tote bag

Cotton Tote Bag

Yes it’s the most classical style in our shop, but it’s also the most popular and most merchandised bag available. The versatility of this bag is undeniable, and the it can be seen worn on the streets as some of the most fashionable bags around. Ideal for a cool piece of artwork, the simple cotton tote bag will serve you well as a daily bag throughout the summer months.

a plain Drawstring Backpack on a white background

Drawstring Backpack

Probably one of the most practical object transporting accessories you can buy; our drawstring backpack is an outdoor activity ready bag that can safely store the gear you need for an adventure or as a kit bag for sports clothing. This backpack works well as a second in command to a full backpack, to store the items you need at access instantly, and when you don’t need it, it’s scrunch-able to a tiny footprint ready for the next time you need it.

white fairtrade and organic apron on a white background

Canvas Apron

Where there’s sun, there’s barbeques. Where there’s Barbeques, there’s a grill master. Grill masters need aprons, and we stock customisable aprons that can be personalised however you like them. You could use an image of their meat of choice, or emboss with their formal title, so everyone knows who’s the boss of the grill. Our canvas aprons are made from a sturdy heavyweight canvas and we stock aprons in natural or white, and remember, there’s free delivery on everything!

Landscape Pocket Jute on a white background

Large Jute Bag

If barbeques are not your thing, picnics probably are, and our Large Jute bag is a lovely solution for a summer picnic. This is our go-to picnic hamper, as its biodegradable lining keeps your perishables safe, and the rustic styling of the jute bag will not look out of place next to the blanket, punnet of strawberries and bottle of bubbly.

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