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Doodle Bag Update April 2018

Posted By on March 29, 2018

The Doodle Bag team have been very busy behind the scenes throughout March, making the site even better for our users. Whilst a lot of the changes are primarily cosmetic, we have also improved some of the core functionality of site. We first went to work on the back-end of the product design tool, implementing features that allow for higher resolution uploads. This means the printed product will look much more sharp and crispy. While we were there, we re-skinned and re-sized the tool so it's more comfortable to use on mobile devices. Next we went to work on each page of the site, starting with the homepage, tidying everything up and turning the eye candy up a few notches. This makes navigation through the site a breeze. The aim is to make the core experience of Doodle Bag easy and fun, and we will continue to improve the site in the future.

If you would like to have your say on what you would like to see on Doodle Bag, fill out a contact form and let us know!