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Easy Guide to Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Posted By Christina on October 23, 2019

With Christmas just-ish around the corner it's time to start thinking about gifts. And what’s better than giving someone a heartfelt gift? Giving someone an eco-friendly heartfelt gift! We have listed below some present inspiration that will tie in with all of your sustainable ethics.

We have compiled a variety of sustainable gift ideas so you can not only give thoughtful presents, but also have a lighter impact on the planet. There are options for everyone – kids, women, men, friends, family, environmentalists, minimalists, vegans, zero-wasters, and a range of unique to practical, luxury to inexpensive gifts – so you’re sure to find something perfect!

Thank you for doing your gift shopping more responsibly 💚

plastic straws and metal straws on a white background

1. Straws

Yes, straws may seem like a bit of a rubbish gift. HOWEVER, reusable metal straws that come in a cute little cotton pouch is a bit more up the right path. With more and more awareness of the negative effects of plastics, like straws on marine animals and our oceans metal straws are readily available and make a great gift for that eco-conscious person in your life. In addition to this, it could be the perfect stock filling for Christmas. 

a macro shot of coffee beans

2. Coffee cup

Buying for a coffee addict? Then look no further. Reusable coffee cups come in a range of shapes, sizes and materials from glass to metal to recycled coffee beans! Available in a range of colours there will be something out there to suit the style of your coffee mad friend or relative. But why stop there? Why not create a gift set with some ethically sourced Fairtrade coffee to go with it? You will really make their day and have a positive impact on the coffee industry and its workers. A magnificent affordable gift for one of your loved ones.

a woman wearing makeup  smiling into camera

3. Sustainable and ethical makeup

Sustainable and ethical makeup is makeup that is vegan (meaning it contains no animal products and is not tested on animals), organic, and sources ingredients in an ethical way which normally includes recyclable packaging. Cosmetics are a great gift for any makeup fanatic out there and eco friendly options are available. The perfect eco-friendly gift for her or him.

a plain cotton makeup bag wit the words "it is what it is Makeup bag" on it

4. Makeup bag

If you’re thinking of buying ethical cosmetics as a gift, then you’ll be looking for somewhere to put them! Makeup bags made from ethical products such as organic or recycled cotton are a great gift to accompany some ethical makeup. With Doodle Bag you can personalise Make-Ups with photos or text. Hence, you can add a quote, song lyric or a precious photo from a special moment.  This would be a great eco-gift for all ages.

a number of dogs looking sad being a wire fence

5. Animal Adoption

Animal adoption as a gift is an animal lovers dream, from donkeys to tigers to pandas you can subscribe to supporting an animal in danger of extinction or in a position where their owners have to hand over care to a charity. No one can disagree with the fact that by adopting a pet at an animal shelter you give them another chance at life. Some have terrible pasts, and have been abused, abandoned or left to fend for themselves on the streets. You are giving them a happy and safe home. Overall, it is a great way to support animals and the charities that care for animals in need and makes a very good gift.

a necklace with a varnished wooden pendant hanging on an old tree

6. Planet saving jewellery

With a new wave of awareness around plastic waste in our oceans, some companies have started taking a proactive approach. By harvesting this plastic waste and using it to create jewellery. With proceeds going towards continuing the effort of clearing plastic waste from the oceans it is a circular system that is improving the environment. This is a simple gift that offers fashion and ethics . Nowadays, many sustainable jewellery brands are not only amazing for investment pieces with guaranteed longevity but are also focused on creating sustainable pieces. This can start with sourcing materials from fairtrade companies, creating jobs for communities and offering a fair wage to staff, to using recycled materials. Other jewellery brands are upcycling and giving pre-loved, vintage pieces a new lease of life, the ones going plastic-free and those relying on recycled and recyclable packaging. All of these elements can make a difference to a feel-good buy and a great eco-friendly gift.

RPET COTTON TOTE BLACK MARL on a white background

7. Personalised Tote or travel bag.

Are you buying gifts for someone jetting off on an adventure? Why not help prepare them with an environmentally friendly made travel or tote bag? There are plenty of options available big and small depending on their travel needs. They say ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and that is certainly true of personalised gifts. Having a gift personalised for the recipient, will show that you have put thought and care into your choice. Next time you are out shopping for the perfect gift, think about how you can make it personal and relevant to the recipient.

Give a memorable gift that they will treasure forever

A lot of the time they can also be personalised adding that extra special touch.

home made lavender soap on a wooden chopping board covered in lavender flowers

8. Soaps

A luxury bar of soap is a great and indulgent way to treat someone. Many of the personal care products we use include harmful, non-biodegradable ingredients that damage the environment. Note to self, always look at the label. You’ll see paraben, phthalates, triclosan, and other synthetic ingredients that hurt not only the environment but also your body. There are more eco-friendly soaps, and other personal care products available all the time. We looked into how companies treat the environment and their employees to identify the options that make your skin, hair, and body look great, feel healthy and reduce the negative environmental impact at the same time.  If you have a little search you will find that a lot of bar soaps are free from harmful chemicals and come in a plastic-free wrapper. This makes bar soap a great gift to give rather than chemical-filled shower gels encased in a plastic bottle


9. Homemade food hamper

Receiving something that is homemade is always more special because someone has taken their time to create something for you. Food hampers are a wonderful gift idea because you can tailor it to the person you’re making it for, making and including things they like. There's so many products you can put in the hamper such as food both sweet and sour as well as drinks, candles e.t.c. By making the hamper by hand, you know exactly what is in it and you can avoid packing with plastic. Plus, you can get a personalised tote bag to buy all the products inside. The perfect personalised eco-friendly gift.

red, rose, and white wine in glasses lined up next to each other

10. Organic Wine or beer

Wine and beer are classic fun and easy gifts, but how can you translate these boozy beverages into an environmentally friendly gift? Well organic beer and wine are your best bets. Using organic wheat, barley and hops for the beer and grapes for the wine means that no harmful pesticides were used, and less water consumed in the making of the drink. There’s a bit of a boom with organic wine right now, and plenty of merchants are getting in on the act. It’s no news for Austin Beeman who pointed us in the right direction. All the way from vineyard to bottle, Organic Wine Company selects sustainable producers that are pesticide-free and made with certified organic grapes. A delicious sustainable gift – just recycle or reuse the glass bottle after. The Independent has created some helpful guides to the best organic wines and beers for your inspiration.