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Get Creative With the Latest Editions to Doodle Bag

Posted By on April 4, 2018

We've recently added some beautiful images to our design library, making with more categories than ever available to be used in our product designer. We want to give you as many options as possible when designing tote bags, aprons and tea towels online.

Calligraphic Elements

the letter L in different forms

Our set of calligraphic elements add an element of style and sophistication to any design. Used mainly as separators or borders, this collection of elegant lines and swirls look great added under text or between paragraphs.

I Love Coffee

an icon of a coffee cup with steam rising from it

Most people love coffee, and most will love this little collection of coffee related imagery. Whether you're creating a branded tote bag for your coffee shop, or making a statement about your favourite beverage, these images fit

Flags Of The World

loads of world flags together

This one's simple, every country's flag is available in this collection for those looking to represent their home nation. Just use the search bar to quickly find your flag and add it to the design.

Kids Party

a kids drawing of a boy and girl holding hands

Another beautiful set of hand drawn illustrations. Kids party bags are some of the most purchased by our customers and there's more than imagery enough here to create a personalised bag for the special occasion. We recommend the mini tote bag or small shopper bag for kiddies, and why not try creating a bag for each kid at the party?!

Outer Space

a colourful drawing of the planet Jupiter

Another favourite with the kids, our collection of outer space designs are perfect for any astronaut to be. Create a space scene by placing the images wherever you like and add the child's name for a birthday gift they will love.

Everything Vintage

an old time drawing of various animals wearing Victorian cloths

Our vintage collection is crammed full of classical items such as bicycles, butterflies and flowers. There's 8 sub-categories available at the moment, we recommend them for small business owners looking to add some brand identity to their design.