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Doodle Bag’s guide to supporting small businesses this Christmas

Posted By DEV on November 5, 2021

Due to multiple lockdowns over the past few yearssmall businesses across the world have faced many struggles and challengesChristmas is the biggest spending holiday of the year and what better way to spend your money than to use it to support small businesses! Our guide will help you find beautiful gifts for your loved ones and give you some tips on how to help out small businesses this holiday season. 

Support Small UK

Shop Local  

Now that there are no lockdown restrictions, you can explore all the small businesses both new and old around your area. From buying fresh doughnuts from your local bakery to buying small gifts for Christmas stockings; check out if there are any local craft fairs in the area, they will be chock-full of independent business owners selling everything from jams and chutneys to jewellery and art. You’ll be surprised at the quality of the items on offer and how much money you can save too! 

Shop Online  

Nowadays most small businesses have an online store on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram or even their very own website, which you can browse and purchase products.  This year, it seems more small businesses than ever are either launching or gaining popularity which is so wonderful to see. Another helpful tip is to search on Instagram for the hashtags; handmade, small business or shop small on social media to discover some hidden gems for Christmas gifts this year! 

Buy gift cards  

Gift cards are a great way to support a small business. Buying one to give as a gift means you will be getting more of your friends and family to shop from small businesses. This is a great idea for your local boutiques, go-to restaurants, gift shops and pet shops etc. Likewise, many small businesses are now offering the option to purchase gift cards online, saving you the trip to the store. They’re also perfect for those last-minute gifts too! 

Leave a positive review online 

This one is completely free, takes only a couple of minutes, and can be done from anywhere you are. Small businesses rely heavily on positive reviews as they are one of the best ways customers gain trust with businesses before they decide to buy their products. Share a kind note about your experience with a local business and get that feel-good vibe. Various platforms are perfect for leaving reviews such as Yelp, Google, or Facebook etc. Don't forget to add a picture with your review, as you’ll be adding more value and trustworthiness! 

Show your support on social media and share away!  

Generally, small businesses don’t have marketing budgets to promote their shops, therefore by sharing their latest tweets, Facebook posts or Instagram photos, you’ll help them to get their business out there. Another way to help small businesses for free is by showing them some love on their latest social media posts, by liking and commenting as well. Correspondingly, virtual word of mouth on social media is very effective and can drive traffic to online stores, and business owners will appreciate the extra help. So start advocating for your favourite small business by being their number one fan on social media.  


We hope you consider implementing a few of these ideas to help support your community’s small businesses this holiday season. Choosing to support a small business really does make a difference — to the local community, the economy, and of course to the business owner. 

Happy Small-Business Shopping!