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Organic September campaign - Nature has the answer

Organic September 2021

Posted By Christina on September 1, 2021

Doodle Bag is participating in this year's Organic September campaign

Organic September is the UK’s largest campaign dedicated to growing the organic market. The Soil Association Certification is partnering with the Organic Trade Board and industry partners across the sector for this year’s campaign, which promises to be bigger and better than ever. 

Doodle Bag sells a wide range of Fairtrade and GOTS accredited products and are a big supporter of anything Fairtrade or Organic, and participating in the Soil’s Association Organic September campaign to raise awareness about the importance of purchasing organic products is part of our commitment.  

Organic September campaign - Nature has the answer


What is the Soil Association?  

The Soil Association is a membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. It provides solutions that help people to live, eat, farm and grow with the available resources. The Soil Association wants to make sure everyone has access to food that is healthy for them and good for the environment. 

The Soil Association was founded in 1946 and today it is the UK's leading organic organisation based in Bristol and Edinburgh. Moreover, the Soil Association organic symbol is the most recognised organic symbol in the UK, and Soil Association Certification certifies over 70% of food and drinks sold in the UK. When used on food packaging, it tells you that the product is certified to high organic standards and provides an assurance of organic authenticity. Additionally, the organic symbol is a trademark of the Soil Association and protected by copyright. Only licensees are entitled to use this symbol and only in association with the organic products that are included on their licence. The organic symbol is valued by farmers, growers, processors and retailers as an important mark of their professionalism and integrity. 


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Why Organic September is important  

For over 10 years, every September the Soil Association launches the Organic September campaign in collaboration with the Organic Trade. Organic September is a month dedicated to celebrating all things organic. It's an annual event that encourages people to make small changes to their purchasing habits and aims to raise buyer’s awareness of buying genuinely organic products.  

Overall, the more people buy organic food, the more organic farms there are. More organic farms mean fewer pesticides and more wildlife. As a result, buying organic can help combat significant environmental elements such as climate change, support biodiversity, and protect precious water. Thus, this year’s campaign’s key message is “Nature has the answer...and the answer is organic” to showcase the strong link between organic and nature. Organic September is a key moment for organic businesses to raise awareness of the benefits of organic and the incredible efforts organic brands, farms and businesses make to support nature and wildlife and protect the planet.  


Doodle Bag GOTs accredited products  

GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard. It is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for what is the minimum expected to truly call a textile product organic. This includes; using at least 70% organic fibres, ensuring that all chemicals used, like dyes, must meet their low toxicology criteria and water treatment plants must be put in place, amongst other social criteria that must also be met. Correspondingly, products with the GOTS certification verify that the cotton used in the product has been processed from crop to completion in a completely organic way. This accreditation shows our customer’s ethical standpoint and will act as proof that the products you sell have real sustainable and environmentally friendly provenance. 

Likewise, by purchasing GOTS certified organic cotton you can be sure that the entire supply chain has been independently verified. Factory conditions, both in the UK and abroad, need to meet strict standards and GOTS processors must meet the social criteria listed on the International Labour Organisations conventions which include minimum wages, working hours, condemnation of child labour and harsh or inhumane treatment. 

Join the Organic Movement this month and every month by making more informed purchasing choices and buying organic products. Check out our Fairtrade & GOTS organic range here

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