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Halloween Custom Idea - Kids

Our Best Halloween T-Shirt Ideas

Posted By DEV on October 5, 2021


It’s Halloween season and it’s time to start thinking about your costume. If you are not a big fan of dressing up and spending loads of money on an expensive and over-complicated costume, then Doodle Bag has the perfect ‘costume’ for you!  

Go Simple, this Halloween by personalising your own Halloween T-Shirt.  

Can’t think of a design? We've put together some ideas for customised t-shirts for Halloween that will bring out the green-eyed monster in everyone!  

Make a scary, horror-themed t-shirt

The first thing that comes to mind for most people about Halloween is the scary stuff. So we’ll start with that first.

If you want to keep people away from you at Halloween parties, this is the perfect ‘costume idea for you. You can personalise our bags with very freaky and spooky movie characters, monsters, zombies, chainsaws, clowns, skulls, splatters, you name it! Or you can even go with the more standard t-shirt of the Skeleton Body.

Halloween Custom Idea - Skeleton

 Child-friendly Halloween-themed Shirts

Not all Halloween shirts have to be scary. There are plenty of shirts out there that don’t involve zombies, axes, etc. For younger kids and others who just want to enjoy the fall and Halloween season besides the scary stuff, there are plenty of art choices here, too.

Go with a harvest theme with pumpkins, corn stalks, and apples. For more of a fun Halloween theme, there are plenty of friendly-looking ghosts, witches, bats, cats, along with some candy clip art.

Halloween Custom Idea - Kids

 T-shirts inspired by movies

Create a personalised Halloween t-shirt this season, and shock the masses with the authenticity and ease at which you can emulate your chosen character. First of all, to the nature of the season, it would be a great idea to personalise a t-shirt according to your favourite Halloween movie. There are lots to choose from ranging from Classical Halloween movies The Addams Family, Hocus pocus, Friday the 13th, Dracula, The Corpse Bride e.t.c or even more recent ones like Paranormal Activity, The Purge, IT and many others.

Movie quotes are a great idea to get printed on your custom Halloween t-shirt. You can even embody your favourite Superhero. But be prepared you might be asked to save the world while you are off-duty!

Halloween - T-shirt Flash - superhero

 Custom Shirts for Halloween Events

Halloween is a time with many events centred around the holiday. We’re talking haunted houses, office parties, mazes, trick-or-treat events, 5k runs, etc. Most of these events have t-shirts for participants or are available for people to buy at the event. These types of shirts usually have the event name and date which makes them a great souvenir to help attendees remember the event afterwards. T-shirts also help advertise the event, especially if it is an annual occurrence, year after year.

Halloween Marathon T-Shirt

Create one or all of these custom Halloween t-shirts with Doodle Bag. No minimum order or set up fee is required, with free delivery and next day delivery.

To complete the look you can also print personalised trick or treat bags for your little ones! You could go for the tote bags or shopper bag.

Happy Halloween 😊