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7 Easy Pet Gifting Ideas

Posted By Christina on July 18, 2019

People love their pets, of course they do. They’re little, cute, loving members of the family who will stick by you through thick and thin.

Sometimes you want to treat your pets to little gifts to remind them how much you love them. This is where pet gifting comes in. Pet gifting is a new phenomenon of gifting specifically aimed at pets (and pet lovers) to give them a well-deserved present.

“But what should I get?” I hear you cry; well I’ve put together a short list of gift ideas for loving pets and their doting owners.

For your pet

a close up shot of dog food in a dog bowl

1. Treats

Like people, the way to a pet’s heart is through their stomach. This is the most obvious gift for a pet and there’s so many fun treats on the market. From bespoke personalised dog treats, birthday cakes for your cats and pizzas for pets there are so many yummy ways to treat your furry friends. There are some great recipes here.

various stuffed toys in a box

2. Toys

There’s no two ways about it, pets love toys. A toy that will get your little buddy running around is even better because exercise will make your pet a happy little bunny. Things like cat wheels, tennis ball launchers, or an exercise ball allowing smaller pets freedom to run around the house making great gifts for pets.

a dalmatian in a very fancy dog coat

3. Accessories

Give your pet some personality with a stylish accessory, maybe you want everyone to know that your dalmatian is a diva with a sparkly pink leash or you just want your pet to match you with colour coordinating collar. Either way an accessory can ensure your pet is the most stylish pet out there.

a dog lying on its bag looking up at the camera on a dog bed

4. Beds/new hutch

A new bed or hutch is basically like giving your little friend a bedroom makeover, for larger pets there are so many comfy and durable beds on offer where they can curl up all night. Or for smaller creatures a new hutch with different levels or a run can be an exciting new change for pet and will give them somewhere to burn off some steam.

For you

a renascence style portrait of a cat in military uniform

5. Pictures

A picture of you and your pets or just your furry friend is a great way to decorate your home! If it’s for a gift you could pay for a photo shoot or there are some incredible artists who will do realistic or stylised commission drawings from a photo adding a unique piece of art to a home.

a cotton jute bag with the words "your design here" on it

6. Personalised bag

Everyone loves a gift they can actually use. The pet-lover in your life would especially love a personalised bag to allow them to show off a picture of their pet even when they’re not around.

three dog bend on top of each other, each with there own distinct style and colour

7. Home décor

Who wouldn’t want to get all cosy in a bed with your dog's’s face all over it? Or a sofa with cushions with pictures of your guinea pig? It’s such a fun idea and a way to add a bit of fun to a plain bedroom or add even more personality to a fun room.