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Reasons for Independent Artists & Designers to Sell Bags

Posted By Connor Grantham on November 16, 2022

Printed Bags for Independent Artists & Designers

5 reasons why you should sell tote bags if you are an independent artist

  1. If you want to expand your range to include other products

Printed tote bags, aprons, tea towels, cushion covers, and make up bags all make fantastic products to display your artwork. They will be seen as practical yet stylish items by your customers and can be sold as gift sets, homeware sets, and bundles.

  1. If you are starting out and want to monetise your artwork

It is an easy way to translate your designs onto items that are useful to consumers, tea towels, mugs, aprons, t-shirts, bags, are all products that look great printed with full colour designs. Making any of these products limited edition will add an extra incentive for fans to purchase and letting them know there is only a certain number that have been printed will create a buzz and is a great promotional opportunity.

  1. If you want to Increase brand loyalty by offering a gift with purchase

Offering a complimentary item when your customers spend over a certain amount is a great way to increase brand loyalty.

If you attend art fairs and other shows to sell your products, bags make a perfect addition to sell or to giveaway as a goodie bag as an added incentive if they spend over a certain amount. The printed bags will also offer an extra marketing opportunity whilst at the show with attendees walking around with your bags for other attendees to see.

  1. If you want to increase brand awareness

Printed bags also offer a great way to market your brand over and over again. When they get worn, 100s of other people will see your artwork, in different towns and cities. It’s brand exposure on the ultimate scale.

  1. If you want to increase your reach and potential customer base

There are people out there who may not buy your prints but may be interested in buying bags, tea towels or notebooks with your art on. Getting your designs printed on other products is a way to increase your customer base and therefore increase your reach, to people who would not have seen your artwork otherwise.

5 things to look out for when choosing the right bag/product.

Which cotton bag you choose very much depends on your customer base, your budget and the price point you want to sell your bags for.

  1. What do you want your bags to do?

Are the bags for an event, for a Christmas fair, to sell in your online store, or maybe for a charity collaboration? If they are to giveaway at an event or for a promotion, then the premium quality bags which are more costly would not be the best choice. However, if you are selling as part of your Christmas collection, premium quality products would fit well.

  1. What’s your budget?

Depending on your budget, some bags will be more suitable than others, so it is important to set your budget out at the start of your project and to bear this in mind when selecting which products you want.

  1. What design are you getting printed on it?

Your artwork can also have an impact on what bag you choose. The lightweight cotton bags have a tighter weave and smoother surface so if your artwork is very detailed and includes a lot of fine lines and small text, the 5oz range of cotton bags will work best.

You can also fit your artwork around a certain bag style, for example, how about putting a food themed design or slogan on the small shopper bag which can be sold as a lunch bag, or a beauty design on to the toiletry bag, its big enough to fit makeup and brushes comfortably.

  1. What do your customers want?

Taking your customer base and brand into consideration is also important when selecting the right cotton bag. It’s important to know your consumer, their likes, dislikes and amount they usually spend. If you can command a higher price and your customers won’t be turned off, then a focus on more premium products will work well, however if your customers are price conscious then products which command a lower RRP will be more successful.

  1. Do you want any finishes?

Don’t forget finishing your products. Getting them ready for retail by adding swing tickets, badges and gift wrap can give a nice finishing touch to your products. Who doesn’t love pretty packaging!

There are different factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are choosing a bag. It may seem like a minefield but by looking at all your options, doing the right research, and understanding the different bag styles, then adding cotton tote bagszip purses or drawstring bags to your printed range will prove a welcome addition.

Generally, other independent artists and designers start with an entry level bag and then graduate onto other products once they have carved out a market share and understand what they’re customers want. But that’s not to say limit yourself, if you know your artwork is more suited to maybe the drawstring bags, or that your customers have already asked for your designs to be printed on to a zip purse then you’ve got a great starting point and already know it’ll be a hit!

If you’re an independent artist or designer and are looking for ways to expand your current offering or extend your marketing, have a look at our cotton tote bags, make-up bags, and other products.