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Things you should know before ordering

Posted By DEV on February 21, 2021

When looking to order bags or homewares with Doodle Bag you may have a lot of questions for us and you may not have a fixed plan about what you want. However, there are a few things you should have decided or have a rough idea about before you start designing so we can make sure you get the perfect bags for your business.

In this blog we are going to tell you some things you should know before ordering and some things you should have considered before getting stuck in.

Things you should know

Lead time

Lead time refers to the time it takes to get your bags ready for delivery from when payment is made. Doodle Bag’s lead time is between 2-5 working days from when you place your order. This includes printing and delivery time. If you have a tight deadline, we have next day delivery option available if you order before 12 noon, just select that shipping option at checkout.


The weight of a fabric is done by weighing a square metre (measured in grams written as gsm) or square yard (measured in ounces written as oz) of that fabric. Doodle Bag measures its cotton in oz per yard², however on our product pages we also show the weight in grams per m². This means if a bag is made from 8oz cotton it means that 1-yard² of that cotton would weigh 8oz.

If you want your bag to carry heavier items then a heavier weight cotton may be more suitable, whereas if you are doing an event giveaway bag for flyers then maybe a lightweight bag will be ideal. It is important to note that lightweight cotton tends to cost less than heavyweight cotton.

Things you should have considered


You need to know what your bag is for! Is it an event giveaway, a corporate gift, to sell as a large revenue stream, or as additional merchandise to your main product lines? If you are a company that sells large products for retail, then you can narrow your search down to our larger tote bags. Whereas if you are looking for reusable packaging for a small item then maybe our smaller drawstring bags will fit your requirements. Our bags are great for gifting as well.

By nailing down the purpose of your product it will help you narrow down a lot more aspects of what you need.


While this may seem obvious, you should be considering the quantity before you start looking. Ask your customers if they would be interested before you buy to gain an estimate of units needed. Or just order a few to gauge the reaction, before putting in a larger order.


Budget is definitely something to think about. While you may not have an exact number, it is important to have a rough idea of how much you want to be spending, or how much you are able to allocate to spend on bags. Doodle Bag offers a bulk discount from 2 units plus which allows for large discounts on larger orders, helping you stay on budget.


Our print technique does not print white space on a design. Bearing this in mind, if you print a design with white, it will show the colour of the bag through. If the white is important to the design, then strongly consider ordering a white coloured bag over the natural colour as this will allow for the white to be seen on the design.

If your design is going to be the selling point of your product then print area is something that should be considered. A product with a large print area such as our large totes or our tea towel may be the perfect choice for you as they can really showcase your design.

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