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Throwing a Green Sustainable Party  

Posted By Christina on September 1, 2022


Birthday parties, anniversaries, family BBQs, baby showers...all can be great opportunities to create beautiful memories with your loved ones. However, parties can be very wasteful and can have a negative impact on the environment. Thus, hosting a sustainable party will ensure you reduce your carbon footprint. It’s also a great example to set for your children and guests, by showing them that you can still have a whole lot of fun whilst being environmentally friendly! Here are five tips that can help you create eco-friendly parties to enjoy summer without damaging the environment. Ranging from eco-friendly party bags to eco-friendly party decorations.  

garden party
Photo By Ksenia Chernaya
  1. Digital Invites  

Print invitations are so 2016! Now it’s time to move to the digital side.  Party plan with ease by creating an online invitation on online platforms like Canva ( add link) and share it with your guests via email or text.  However, if you are keen on printing invitations then opt for invites from recycled paper or seeded/plantable paper, which are more environmentally friendly options.  

  1. Shop Locally 

When shopping for all your party essentials, especially food and drinks, make sure you shop from small and local businesses. By shopping locally, you are reducing your carbon footprint on the earth. If you must ship materials or travel far, the release of CO2 emissions will increase from your vehicle. Shopping locally also allows you to support the local economy. For instance, you can make refreshing punch with local organic fruit.  Likewise, you can supply alcohol from a local brewery by purchasing a keg or growler. Empty growlers also serve as decorative vases filled with flowers for your centerpieces. Another helpful sustainable party planning tip is to make a shopping list to avoid overconsumption and waste.  

woman picking out vegetables from an outdoor market
Photo by Askar Abayev
  1. Reusable Decorations 

Decorations are one of the main polluting elements of a party since most people buy disposable and themed decorations that they cannot use again. Therefore, it is vital to be more conscious of how hosting a party impacts the earth through the decorations we are using.  The first step is to check what you already have, and see if you could DIY any decorations. The most sustainable party décor is the one you already have! Alternatively, you borrow them from friends or family. For example, you can create fabric bunting, flower garlands, or table clothes ( add links to DIY Pinterest). Another awesome DIY idea is to create your banner by painting on reclaimed wood. These are great examples of eco-party decorations.  

Balloons, confetti, and streamers are a big NO as they are very wasteful and non-biodegradable. Instead, focus on more eco-friendly party supplies. This includes candles, table centerpieces, string lights, lamps, candles, flowers from your garden, or even decorating the cold jar and colorful bottles. If you need to buy new decorations opt for general decorations, which you can use all year round. Party plan like a pro and shop for second-hand decorations from Facebook Marketplace or at charity shops. You can also check out The Party Kit Network, where you can rent party kits and find sustainable party decorations.

  1. Eco-party essentials  

Whatever the occasion, whether it is a sustainable bachelorette party or a sustainable Christmas party it is prudent to avoid plastic cutlery and associated products at all costs. This includes paper or plastic plates, napkins, straws, cutlery, or cups. Hence, opt for biodegradable or reusable cutlery or even ask your guests to bring their own. In addition to this, you could search for wooden platters, plates and cups made from silicone, bamboo, metal or even coconut fibres that are more sustainable party plates and alternatives.  

Another helpful tip for your eco-friendly party is to serve finger food, which doesn’t require any kind of utensils, napkins, and even plates. Furthermore, choose biodegradable tableware and instead of paper napkins, cut squares of fabric to use as serviettes and have a washing station nearby with a little tub of water and soap.   

a close up of people toasting drinks at a party
Photo by Alesia Kozik
  1. Eco-goody bag  

Keep the sustainable party theme going, even when the party is over! Give your guests lovely eco gifts to remember your sustainable party. Some great eco-party bag ideas include sustainable products such as reusable straws, utensils or zero waste and vegan skincare or other bathroom products. Moreover, you can add all these eco goodies to a reusable cotton tote bag, which can be personalised with the name and date of the party or any other text or design you like. The ultimate eco party bag! At Doodle Bag we offer a wide range of personalised eco-friendly products including zip purses, cotton tote bags in different shapes, cushion covers and even t-shirts. These are great for eco-party bag fillers.  

man holding tote bag with a personalised logo on it


I hope these sustainable party ideas help you as you plan your next green or zero-waste party. Hosting parties can be very fun, but it would be an even more memorable event if you keep the party’s carbon footprint to a minimum. Leaving nothing, but good party vibes!