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What Do We Mean? - List of Bag Printing Definitions

Posted By DEV on November 23, 2020

Doodle Bag is a cotton bag printing company, here we talk about bags and cotton all day every day. It occurred to us that sometimes we use lingo that might need an explanation. We’ve written a blog with some printing definitions for some of our most used terms below to give you some clarity.


MOQ stands for Minimum order quantity, this is the smallest number of units you must order for a business to accept your order. Doodle Bag doesn’t have an MOQ meaning you can order as little as one bag.

Fabric Weight

The weight of a fabric is done by weighing a square metre (measured in grams, labelled GSM ) or square yard (measured in ounces labelled Oz) of that fabric. Doodle Bag measures its cotton in oz per yard². This means if a bag is made from 8oz cotton it means that 1-yard² of that cotton would weigh 8oz.

When cotton is described as lightweight it is typically 6oz or under. Midweight would be 7oz-9oz, and heavyweight would describe cotton 10oz and above.


If a product is Fairtrade it means that it has been made with Fairtrade certified cotton and that all farmers and factories throughout the process operate in accordance to Fairtrade regulations. This includes, paying a Fair wage to workers, eliminating exploitation of workers and children, and giving premiums to farmers to better their communities. Visit the Fairtrade website for more information, fairtrade

Lead Time

Lead time refers to the time it takes to get your bags ready for delivery from when payment is made. Doodle Bag lead time is 1-3 working days from payment then you must account for delivery time on top of that. In exceptional circumstances where lead time may be longer such as the Christmas period. We will highlight the additional time on our website, or contact you via email.


If one of our bags says it is organic, it means it is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means that no pesticides or unnatural fertilisers were used while growing the cotton to make the bags. It also means that throughout the cotton processing, bag making process, and printing no harmful chemicals, or dyes were used. Also no toxic material is emitted in the water source. For more information about GOTS organic and what it means, visit their website global standard

Bulk pricing

Bulk pricing refers to the discount received after buying over a certain number of units of the same product. Here at Doodle Bag, bulk pricing is offered when buying 2 or more of the same product. So if you buy 2 shopper bags you would get a bulk discount, however if you were to buy one shopper bag and one apron you would not receive the bulk discount as they are different products.  The more products you order the large the discount, so if you have a big order to fulfil don’t worry. 

Online design tool

When we refer to the online design tool or online designer in our blog, articles, and on the website, we mean this:

It is how you add your design, images, and text, to your bag ready for us to print.

Blank Space

Blank space on a print is the space which is not printed on and the colour of the bag will show through. With Doodle Bag any design that has white on it will become blank space. So, if your design or picture has a white background, it will be omitted from the print and the bag will show through. If you really want the white on your design, opt for a white bag.


Cotton canvas versus cotton is related to the weight of the cotton, as mentioned above cotton is measured by weight. So, cotton is referred to as a canvas it means it is a midweight cotton or 8oz and above.

Print area

The print area of a bag is the area of a bag that can be printed on. Outside of that area it is not possible to print a design. On Doodle Bag’s design tool we help you out by having a box where you can add your text or design which represents the print area so nothing will go outside that box and get cut off your finished bag.

100% natural cotton

It means just that! Cotton is a plant which means it is a natural product. However sometimes cotton can go through unnatural and harmful processes from being a crop to becoming the final product. The cotton in a natural bag or product is 100% natural, no unnatural processing such as bleaching or dyeing with harmful dyes.

More information on designing your own bag here