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Posted By DEV on October 2, 2020

With offices opening up again and as we begin to move towards getting back to normal and back to work, you may be on the hunt for a new work bag or a bag for work. To inject a new lease of life into your wardrobe or to make returning to work that bit easier, we have put together a list of our best bags for work.

man holding a messenger bag

  1. Messenger

    Our messenger is the classic work satchel. It is a large bag with plenty of room for laptops, folders, and your lunch! The messenger bag is the perfect bag for work, there are magnetic clasps to keep all your belongings safe and secure, as well as an internal zip pocket for valuables, print with initials, photos or leave blank for a sophisticated satchel for work or everyday use.

    a woman  wearing a Musette Bag

  2. Musette Bag

    The Musette Bag is a more modern twist on the classic satchel design. With more of a fashionable take on a satchel for an on-trend ladies work bag. There is no top flap but there is a magnetic popper closure to ensure all your belongings are safe and secure. The Musette is large enough for folders, stationery and bits and bobs for work. The adjustable shoulder strap also makes the Musette bag comfortable to carry. Personalise with your design to make it the perfect work bag for you.

    woman holding a large Tote bag on a white background

  3. Large Tote

    Need a large tote bag for work? Let us introduce the Large Shopper. This large work tote is perfect for fitting everything you need, a laptop, diary, lunch, office shoes, random bits you just happen to have in your work bag, everything! Personalise with a photo or design you love for a beautiful and practical work tote bag.

    man holding a backpack shopper on a white background

  4. Backpack shopper

    More of a work backpack fan? The Backpack Shopper is a great backpack for work, as with a few adjustments it becomes a shopper bag. The Backpack shopper is the same size as a regular shopper so there’s plenty of room for all your work essentials but it’s a backpack! A top popper will secure all your belongings in place keeping them safe.

    man Lux Cross Body Shopper on a white background

  5. Cross Body Shopper Bag

    Another take on the shoulder strap bag is our Cross Body Shopper. The same shape as our classic shopper bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and short carrying handles. It is big enough for folders, stationery, and work bits. It is a great work bag especially when you add your design and give it a new personalised touch.

    white fairtrade organic wash bag on a white background

  6. Zip purses

    Also worth mentioning are our zip purses! A stationery bag, a bag for bits and bobs you need for work, a cosmetics bag whatever you need a little separate bag for. We have a range of zip purses from a classic pencil case shape to make up bags and larger toiletry bags, but of course they can all be used for everything! They come in a range of colours so if you need a smaller zip purse for work, we’ve got you.

    woman holding a black contrast medium jute on a white background

  7. Contrast Shopper

    A fun take on a classic shopper our contrast shopper has the same large capacity and added gusset volume as our shopper, big enough for all your work supplies. But it has an added contrasting black bottom and handles, giving it a certain je ne sais quoi, that our classic shopper doesn’t have. Add your own design or text for a fashion-forward but functional grab-and-go work bag.

    a woman holding a Luxurious Super Shopper on a white background

  8. Luxury Shopper

    A Luxury shopper is one of the best tote bags for work. It is small enough to just tuck under your arm, but the all-around gusset just gives it so much volume for everything you need for work! Printed with your name, photo or a design from our premade design library, this bag is perfect as a work tote.