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Choosing The Right Bag For You

We've put together a range of cotton bags, aprons & tea towels with the aim of having something suitable for everyone. We stock a wide range of products that are suitable for a variety of purposes. If you would like to know more about a particular product, read the extended descriptions below for more information.

Cotton Tote Bag

The cotton tote bag is the most popular product in our range, and the most widely used daily bag you will see out and about. Bags of this size are the great all rounder and are suitable for all your daily needs. Our cotton tote bag sets itself apart from the competition due to its superior construction and weave.

Fairtrade Cotton Tote Bag

Whilst all our products are made in Fair Trade Certified factories, which ensures all the labour used has the certification, our Fairtrade Cotton Tote Bag is made from fully certified cotton, which also covers the welfare of the people that grow and harvest the cotton. Whilst the construction and size are the same as our standard cotton tote bag, the Fair Trade tote is for those looking for an extra layer of assurance and quality standards.

Shopper Bag

A step up from the cotton tote, our shopper bag is made from heavier weight canvas and has a slightly larger capacity due to having a gusset at the bottom. Again, suitable as a daily driver, as a grocery bag or shopping bag the extra fabric weight and thicker webbed handles mean that it can fit more stuff and has a higher weight capacity.

Large Shopper Bag

Landscape in shape, the large shopper has a much larger volume, but is made from the same materials as the standard shopper. Most commonly used as a weekend bag, the large shopper can carry everything you would need for a short break, but again can be folded up if not needed. This bag's also great because the larger surface area means a larger print area.

Luxury Shopper Bag

Another step up in weight, this bag is made from heavyweight 10oz canvas, portrait in orientation and has gussets on the sides and bottom of the bag. It again has a large capacity but is more suitable for items such as folder and laptop bag. It's more popular with higher end establishments looking for a premium quality retail product.

Super Shopper Bag

The largest bag in our range, the super shopper really is super sized. With a volume of 20 litres, this bag can carry everything you can manage. It's popular as a beach bag or as a replacement for a supermarket shopping bag. It has the same dimensions as the large shopper bag, but the 15cm all round gusset means an increased volume.

Small Tote Bag

The small cotton tote bag is a scaled down version of our standard cotton tote. This mini bag is suitable for parties, kids birthdays as a goodie bag and its size also makes it perfect bag for bookstores. We recommend this cute bag for parties, events and schools.

Drawstring Backpack

The drawstring backpack is an eco friendly alternative to a nylon gym sack. With cotton rope handles it's great for schools, gyms, teams and sports organisations as a personalised kit bag. Perfect for any fitness promotion, this bag will look great on people's backs, branded with your logo

Makeup Bag

As the title suggests, our makeup bag is the perfect place to put all your cosmetics, and makes a great personalised gift for your loved one. Our cosmetics bag comes with a gold YKK zip, which ensures it will not fail unlike cheaper zips you might find on promotional materials.


The heavyweight 10oz apron is a favourite with giftware retailers and independent artists as a way to retail their own work. Obviously ideal for anyone in the food industry, this apron is customisable with your own design on the front. The apron has an adjustable neck strap and canvas waist ties.

Tea Towel

Our personalised tea towel is also popular with small businesses and artists, and has a larger print area, so we recommend it for anyone who wants to showcase a large design or illustration. Comes with a hanging hook in one corner and is hemmed on all four sides.

Small Shopper Bag

The small shopper bag is a cute canvas bag that makes a lovely lunch bag. Schools love this one as they can brand it with their logo and give one to each of the kids. It's made from heavyweight canvas and has thick, strong handles, so can be used again and again. It has a large capacity for a tiny bag, due to the gussets around the sides and bottom of the bag.

Drawstring Bags

The mini drawstring is super small and super useful for containing little things. A Personal fave of jewellery makers, you can print your logo and use it as product packaging. Choosing the right drawstring bag depends on the size of the products you sell. The small and medium drawstring bags are great ethical solutions for your business or hobby.

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