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Ethical Promise

Doodle Bag prints on products made from 100% natural materials. Responsibly sourced from an ethical supply chain. We aim to be as transparent as possible with how we function as an ethical business.
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Ethical Products and Service

We pride ourselves on providing high quality and ethical products. All of our products are made in Fairtrade registered factories which gives you the peace of mind the product you receive has not been made by people working in harmful conditions that threaten their safety and lives. We stock a range of products made from Fairtrade and Organic cotton, certified by Fairtrade and accredited by the Soil Association. These products are the most ethical and sustainable range of customisable items available on the market.

Not only do we ensure every product has been ethically sourced, we guarantee each order is treated with care and consideration. We treat each customer individually – whether you order one bag or 100 – if you have a problem our dedicated staff will ensure open communication and a friendly manner until you’re happy with the outcome.
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Ethical Workplace

Our employees are empowered to fulfil their potential in all areas. Ethics at Doodle Bag are vital, even if we are small. It is important to us for a number of reasons, our employees are happier knowing they are working for a morally sound company. It is important that we create a conscientious workplace that is transparent to employees.

We have an ethics policy in place to safeguard our employees from bullying and harassment which states our expectations for our employees and outlines what is and is not considered acceptable.

Ethical Supply Chain

We work with our Indian factories to ensure all the bags are sourced from a responsible supply chain. We visit the factories regularly and make sure they hold all the relevant accreditation’s, giving you the peace of mind our products are made by individuals working in a safe environment and paid a living wage.

We require them to be SEDEX, Fairtrade, GOTS and ISO accredited, as well as being audited and compliant with REACH. Each one of these accreditation’s ensures stringent checks are placed on the factories and show they are conforming to the accreditation’s standards of ethical, safe, practices.

REACH chemical compliance requires organisations to communicate with their suppliers downstream, and ensure that restricted substances and substances of concern are declared and managed effectively. SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a membership organisation for businesses committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains.

We know the distance our products travel is vast, that’s why we look to ways to reduce our CO2 Emissions, air freight is used as an absolute minimum, our packaging materials are all recycled materials. and we are constantly trying to improve the energy efficiency of our office.

Environmental Standpoint 

At Doodle Bag We Agree To...
Behave as ambassadors to ensure our environmental objectives and targets are achieved. We operate with an awareness of both the environmental and ethical impact our business has on the world 
As a Zero Waste to Landfill business, we prioritise the reduction of waste, followed by re-use, recycling and where there is no alternative, energy recovery
Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in best practices  by maintaining awareness of legislative changes, and update via the Ethical Trading Initiative.
Encourage employees to use sustainable transport options,
on both their commute and any business travel.
Ensure that we work closely with our suppliers 
to ensure they too can demonstrate good environmental management.
Make it a central aim of our market strategy to let our customers know the environmental benefits of our products.
Seek to reduce the environmental impacts of our bags by, transporting them to the factory using sustainable transport options and consolidating orders.
Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its
customers and suppliers.
Minimise the use of raw materials in the factory and office.
Display our Environmental Policy at work and make it available on our website.

Ethical Standpoint 

At Doodle Bag We Agree To...
Condemn illegal child labour, forced labour and discrimination.  We do not engage with any supplier/ factory or business that engages in such discriminatory practices.
Take interest and provide support for our employees with regard to their health and wellbeing.
Improve employment conditions and compensate our employees appropriately.
Encourage a sense of social responsibility amongst managers and employees alike.
Provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.
Comply with all applicable UK and international laws and regulations relevant to our activities.
Respect employees’ human rights and personal rights.
Continually improve our social management systems and ensure a review of this policy every 12 months taking into consideration any legislative changes.