Illustrator Spotlight – Sophie Of Bread

Here at Doodle Bag we have a core client base of creative and passionate individuals that run their own businesses by selling their own work online. One of those customers is Sophie Lloyd, an illustrator who celebrates feminist icons through her work.

We caught up with Sophie to get to know her a little better and find out what she’s been up to recently.

Who is Soph Of Bread?

It’s just me, Sophie Lloyd!

Sophie Lloyd

Any advice for emerging illustrators out there?

Well, I still class myself as emerging, but if anyone asked me for advice on this industry I’d tell them to keep trying. I have lots of friends who are immensely talented artists and illustrators, and we’ve all been knocked back tons of times. For every single success you can guarantee tons of rejections. It’s hard to not get down on yourself but it does make you appreciate the successes more!

Gloria Steinem "We Shall Overcome"

Where do you sell your products?

Mainly on Etsy, but also craft fairs. My next one is at the Waterside Centre in Lincoln on 9th June which I’m excited about!

Daenerys Targaryen Digital Print
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