There’s a few different methods to effectively prepare your bags for retail. Here’s a few ideas for inspiration to help present your products to their very best.

Value-Add Extras

Adding accessories and decoration to your products will instantly boost the appeal of your product on the shelves. It will distinguishing it from all the other products and make the price much more attractive to potential buyers. It will also show that you care about the product you’re selling. Standards of presentation have risen sharply in the past few years and attention to detail is becoming more and more important when positioning your product, whether it’s online or in a retail store. To finish your bag you can add stickers, pin badges or include a little gift inside the bag. You can also write personalised notes to your customers thanking them for their business, or include marketing materials advertising your products.


In the age of social media, photography is the single most important way you can promote your products. Mobile phones are now more capable than ever of taking beautiful photos and the barrier to entry of photographing your products has never been lower. Be sure to check our Pinterest and Instagram for ideas of how to take pictures of your bags, or simply take your products outside and position them somewhere nice. You can create a studio like look by simply using background paper, and grabbing any white lights you have around the house. Natural light will also work. It’s a chance for you to get creative and communicate that your brand knows how to present itself beautifully. There’s no harm in trying to photograph your bags, and implementing a trial and error approach is the best way if you don’t know what your doing. Try to have a good mix of studio shots as well as outside or in a natural setting. You can also incentivise your customers to share their own photos of them using your products by interacting with your audience as much as possible.


How you package your bags ready for sale can be dependant on how you present your other products. You may already have a product finishing system in place to ensure brand continuity, but if not, here’s a few tricks to packaging your products.

To poly or not to poly?

Polybags are a convenient way of keeping your products in good condition between manufacture and point of sale, but as an eco friendly company, we do not like to endorse this approach. If you need to put tote bags inside plastic bags for retail, we recommend sourcing a recyclable, or even better, biodegradable clear bag. There are bags available that are made only with natural ingredients, but can often carry a price premium. We think the premium you pay for a biodegradable polybag is worth it as it can be used as a selling point, and most customers who are environmentally conscious will appreciate you being mindful of the footprint of your product. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of packaging your cotton bags responsibly. Perceptions are changing rapidly about using product packaging that’s not environmentally friendly.

Swing Tickets

Swing tickets, otherwise known as hand tags are found on most clothing items and give the product authenticity as well as being useful for barcoding purposes. It’s also another chance to promote your brand. Your choice to use swing tickets will depend on whether you already use them for other products and if it is in your budget. The most basic swing tickets available are simply white rectangle cards with a punched hole that can be attached to the tote bags with a plastic kimble. More elaborate tickets are available with an endless amount of options available for card types, colour, printing options and attachment options. Our favourite cards are made from brown recycled card and can be attached with twine, and give a natural look that’s eco-friendly.

Gift Wrap

It may be a shameless plug, but at Doodle Bag we offer a gift wrap service that includes beautiful wrapping paper and a personalised gift card for £2.99. If your buying a personalised bag as a gift for someone, wrapping it is a must. You can choose from our vintage style gift wrap that includes brown craft paper and twine, or a modern colourful paper finished with a bow. If you’d rather do it yourself, there’s tonnes of crafty ways to gift wrap your tote bags. Pinterest is the best place to go for inspiration.