Personalised Tote Bags

Create your own personalised tote bag with Doodle Bag. Personalising your own tote bag couldn’t be easier, and with our online tote bag designer tool you can start from scratch and make something completely unique. Whether it’s for yourself or if you’re creating a gift that you know someone will love, Doodle Bag lets you use your own images in combination with our design library to make it just how you want it. Our range includes a selection of high quality bags, from simple tote bags, to heavyweight canvas shoppers and accessory bags, there’s something for everyone. All our bags are made in Fairtrade Certified factories, which means the labour used to construct them pays a living wage and conditions are safe and free from harassment. We also have a new range of Fairtrade Cotton and Organic bags, which are made from Fairtrade Certified cotton, which also covers the farmers that cultivate the cotton. The Organic certification means that no pesticides or other synthetic products are used in the growth of the crops.

How to Design Your Own printed merchandise:

  • Choose your bag
  • Add your logo, text, or design
  • Checkout online

Start personalising with Doodle Bag and create your very own tote bag today.

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